• Homi H Shekhdar

    Professor Robert Winston is an emminent Gynae/obstetric

    surgeon who has been succsesfully practising his surgical skill in the UK, and now I assume he has retired. He has been a well known surgeon throughout Europe and abroad.
    In this article, he has masterfully explained the important aspects of Zoroastrianism, and has given our community a singular honour
    representing so clearly the not-so-well-known facts of the Zoroastrian religion and its philosophy.
    I remain thankful to him for taking the trouble of researching so deeply and efficiently.
    Long may he live and continue to do so, and I wish him, good health, wealth and prosperity for the future.
    Homi H Shekhdar FRCS (Ed)

  • could you elaborate on the article or share it for reader’s pleasure

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