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  • hoofrish nagporewalla

    I have received & read this article on trees at Doongarwadi from you if any help required from my husband who is interested in planting trees we can all work for the same cause. I am 50 and have been coming to Doongarwadi from a very young age and Yes the trees have been very systematically been made to die and then cut on the pretext of it being dead I do not know the working of Parsi Panchayat but yes if that is the case he should be thrown out why is it that he is tolerated. He is a good speaker but words should match actions which in his case is not being done. With his good command over the religion and the language he tends to misinform the community. If I have offended any body I am sorry but have a space where suggestions and involvement of young blood of the community is taken into account. In the Panchayat also involve the young and you the trustees guide them.i know every one works for themselves but not at the cost of the community as a whole.

    Regards, Hoofrish


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