Appeal for Donations

August 2013

Hello friends,

We wish you and your family a Very Happy New Year.

Navroz is just round the corner and once again we forward this letter to our fellow Zoroastrians. In a community where charity is a common way of expressing our gratitude to the Almighty, we would like to plead our fellow Zoroastrians to come forward once again and help us in serving the less fortunate section of our community.

The amount you donate may not be a very big pinch on your pocket but it will certainly make a lot of difference in somebody’s life, bring a smile on their face and a prayer of gratitude for you on their lips. Through your donations we try to help Zoroastrian children from places which are not even heard of by many of us – places like Vaghai, Vasda and the like which are the interiors of Surat, Navsari, etc.

Every year give some New Clothes to the children of Parsi Boys Orphanage – Surat, Nariman Parsi Girls’ Orphanage – Surat, Kotwal Orhanage – Navsari. This year on special request from these orphanages and the families of the children, we plan to give 1 bed sheet with pillow cover, 1 charso and 1 towel to each child. The estimated cost per child is approx. Rs.500/=

We acknowledge your timely help given last year and would appreciate if this year too your contribution reaches us well in time so as to enable us to buy the above things for these children for the New Year.

We earnestly request you to come forward and donate generously for this worthy cause and prove true to the saying, “PARSI THY NAME IS CHARITY.”

Kindly do not send cheques as this is done completely on personal basis and not through any organisation. You may also buy a set of the above mentioned things and send it to address given below.

You may send in your contributions to :

Mrs. Maki Majra, R-6, Godrej Baug, Off Napeansea Road, Mob : 9920833179


Mrs. Benaifer K. Mehta, 16 / 14, Gamadia Colony, Tardeo, Mumbai, Mob : 9892313020


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