Parsi Story: No Atrophy of Goodness.

Navroz – The Parsi festival was celebrated on 18th Aug’2013. The fire and its spirit has never been more sacred and relevant to anyone but the Parsis. Parsis one of the most innocuous, full-of-life ethnic communities is on its path to be forgotten by this world. They are one of those world’s Diasporas, who perhaps seem to be fast on the extinction track. This peaceful, lover-of-mankind community on its Atrophy path is a serious concern for humanity and a question on how much does the world care about quotidian peace.


Parsis come from ‘Pars’, an ancient province in Persia, now in South Iran. Greeks called this as Persepolis – a splendid royal ancient Iranian Empire. This Homeland Parsis left 1200 years ago to save their religion and the teachings of their spiritual lord Zoroaster. Thus they call themselves Zoroastrians. In 633 AD, Persian Monarchy being overthrown, places of worship, literature and culture were destroyed.. Religious persecutions and forcible conversions began leading to Persian Exodus towardsIndia, realizing India’s large-hearted acceptance and Tolerance. Parsis first landed in Diu in 766 AD and then in Sanjan in 785 AD on the shores of Gujarat. Jadi Rana, then Emperor gave them refuge and protection. Later they shifted to the coastal regions of Bombay and Surat. An Interesting story about this goes :  More


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