Selfless Service Circle – Appeal for the year




The Members of the “Selfless Service Circle” intend to conduct a sale of NEW & OLD HOUSEHOLD

• To help poor parsi patients in the free wards of the B.D.Petit Parsi General Hospital, Masina Hospital &

• To help educate poor parsi Students

on Sat 9h Nov 13,


209 Dr. D. N. Road, G/Flr, Mumbai 400001,

from 10.00 AM to 3.30 PM.

Please be kind enough to send us any NEW or OLD Household Articles and clothes (only, saris, shirts & salwar khameez), in good condition, at any of the addresses given below.

You could also help the cause, by becoming members of the “Selfless Service Circle” at an Annual Subscription of Rs 600, and/or give a Donation by cash or cheque, drawn in favour of the “Selfless Service Thanking you & looking forward to your support.



Our Aim: To help Poor parsi patients and students who are unable to help themselves & increase the funds established by our forefathers for various parsi Charitable Institutions.

The following are the donations from 2000 onwards

Date Institution Rupees

16-02-2000 BPP for Doongerwadi 207275

31-01-2001 BD Petit Parsee General Hospital ( Free Ward) 168342

04-03-2002 Gift Scholarship for 4 students 100000

05-03-2003 BD Petit Parsee General Hospital ( Free Ward) 180000

17-03-2003 Sir JJ PB Institute (For Parsi Students) 10000

12-03-2004 Gift Scholarship for 5 students 120000

17-08-2004 Sir JJ PB Institute (For Parsi Students of Gujarat managed Schools) 15000

20-01-2005 The BD Petit Parsee General Hospital ( Free Ward) 300000

13-04-2005 Sir JJ Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 100000

09-04-2005 Masina Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 100000

14-06-2005 Sir JJ PB Institute (For Parsi Students) 20000

12-03-2007 Masina Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 150000

27-03-2007 The BD Petit Parsee General Hospital ( Free Ward) 300000

29-03-2007 Sir JJ Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 150000

08-04-2007 Masina Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 150000

13-08-2007 Ms Jessica Avari (Designing Course-Computer) 20000

13-02-2008 Jimmy Gonda (Nautical Science -Tolani Maritime Institute) 40000

07-04-2008 The BD Petit Parsee General Hospital ( Free Ward) 350000

15-04-2008 Sir JJ Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 150000

08-04-2008 Sir JJ PB Institute (For Parsi Students) 20000

24-03-2009 Sir JJ PB Institute (For Parsi Students) 25000

25-03-2009 The BD Petit Parsee General Hospital ( Free Ward) 200000

31-03-2009 Masina Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 100000

31-03-2009 Sir JJ Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 100000

25-03-2010 Sir JJ PB Institute (For Parsi Students) 25000

27-03-2010 The BD Petit Parsee General Hospital ( Free Ward) 200000

25-03-2010 Masina Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 100000

25-03-2010 Sir JJ Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 100000

24-07-2010 Nazneen Irani (for education) 4815

23-03-2011 The BD Petit Parsee General Hospital ( Free Ward) 250000

24-03-2011 Masina Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 150000

24-03-2011 Sir JJ Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 150000

24-03-2011 Sir JJ PB Institute (For Parsi Students) 25000

24-03-2011 Mancherji E Joshi Memorial Trust 25000

22-3-2012 The BD Petit Parsee General Hospital ( Free Ward) 300000

22-3-2012 Masina Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 165000

22-3-2012 Sir JJ Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 165000

22-3-2012 Sir JJ PB Institute (For Parsi Students) 35000

22-3-2012 Mancherji E Joshi Memorial Trust (for feeding senior citizens ) 35000

30-3-2013 The BD Petit Parsee General Hospital ( Free Ward) 300000

30-3-2013 Masina Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 175000

30-3-2013 Sir JJ Hospital ( Parsee Free Ward) 175000

30-3-2013 Sir JJ PB Institute (For Parsi Students) 40000

30-3-2013 Mancherji E Joshi Memorial Trust (for feeding senior citizens ) 40000


Old charm in new colours

Two structures that have been part of Mumbai for about a hundred years, get a cheerful facelift and a thumbs-up from Unesco

A number of cameras have been clicking the Marzban Parsi colony in Agripada and the Royal Bombay Yacht Club in Apollo Bunder after the two restored structures were given UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage awards recently. The Mumbai buildings were among 10 names chosen out of 47 entries from 16 countries. The recognition intends to encourage heritage conservation, a cause that is often overlooked in the region.

The win is the third in two years for Vikas Dilawari, the conservation architect who led the restoration. The repairs were done over a period of three years each and without inflated budgets. The Royal Bombay Yacht Club was repaired for about Rs 4 crore, while the 10,920-square feet Wadia Building, the most dilapidated structure in Lal Chimney Compound, was fixed for Rs 800 per square foot. The others were refurbished for Rs 200-300 per square foot. Dilawari says the efforts paid off as the property managers agreed with his ideas. “There are people with money, but what we need are supportive patrons,” he says.

Marzban colony near Nair Hospital is a set of five low-rise buildings. It is also called Lal Chimney Compound supposedly because a red chimney once stood in the area. Around it are tall and drab commercial or residential structures. Now painted a fun shade of yellow and capped by tiled roofs, the colony stands out pleasantly like pastries in a cold grey refrigerator. Its origin dates back to the late 19th century and it is named after Muncherji Marzban, an executive engineer at the Bombay Municipal Corporation who promoted housing for the poor. It acts as a specimen of community housing, a fast-dwindling concept.

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Inter-religious programme on October 2

Zoroastrian scholar and Buddhist scholar Kabraji Kersee and Bhante Anuruddho will speak at an inter-religious programme: ‘Religion and Faith’, which is being organized by the Diocese of Poona on October 2.

Scholars from different religions will speak on the necessity of faith in all walks of life and its relationship with religion.

The programme has been organized as part of the ‘Year of Faith’ announced by the Pope for the entire Catholic church in the world.

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Website helps trace ‘missing’ Parsis

The website, started by  Ader Gandi and Yazdi Tantra, reunite members of the Parsi community. “The idea struck me when I started getting requests from people asking about fellow Parsis they wanted to get in touch with.

Unlike social networking sites that have billions of profiles and hundreds of people with the same name, finding a Parsi friend or a cousin is much easier on the website, as it’s exclusively for the community,” said Gandi.

The portal that started in October 2005, initially received a lukewarm response. However, the traffic on the site picked up in the past six months and now sees at least 10 posts per day. “Almost 50 per cent of the cases are solved through some connection or the other. You may not remember what the person looks like or their full name, yet the website allows you to post other details that can help people locate them,” Tantra says.

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Saronda Dispensary Charity Trust, Appeal

An Appeal
The Saronda Dispensary Charity Trust, Regd. No. E. 144 (Born) established in 1919, thanks to a generous contribution of Rs. I lakh given by Late Dhanbai Jiwanji Bhiladwalla has served the sick and the needy in and around the tiny village of Saronda, (near Sanjan, Gujarat) for the past 94 years. The income from the meagre corpus is not sufficient to meet the expenses incurred on medical relief given. This is an earnest appeal for funds to the Corpus of the Trust so that it can increase its efforts and services to the socio-economically deprived sections of society.

The Donations may be marked as “Donation to the Corpus of the Trust”. Cheques may be drawn in favour of the ‘The Saronda Dispensary Charity Trust’, addressed to: Mr. Jamshed A. Kathoke 9, Kavarana Building, Sant Gadge Maharaj Marg, Dadar Cross Road, Mumbai-400 014. Kindly mention your PAN. No. on reverse of the cheque.

For & On Behalf of Co-Trustees

The Saronda Dispensary Charity Trust

Ms. Zarin R. Virji. (Trustee).

Intermarriage Question by Vimadalal

An interesting book on Inter marriages in Parsee Religion by Vimadalal.

Spread the word, spread the love, spread the joy, renounce and enjoy.

Ushta Te
Bakhtyar (Baku) Jimmy Taila


Since this is a large file, please be patient……..

Racial Intermarriages – Parsees Juddin Question – by Vimadalal

Masina Hospital – Appeal for Donations

Dear Friends and Well wishers, The Trustees and The Management of MASINA HOSPITAL take great pleasure in wishing all of you A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR

Masina Hospital is the oldest private charitable Hospital in the city of Mumbai, and has been serving the poor and needy of our glorious community for over 110 years. We have 3 dedicated Parsi Wards on the ground and first floors of the ‘Moos Memorial Building’ of which one ward is exclusively reserved es a Parsi Geriatric Ward. The total bed strength of all the Parsi Wards is around 50 beds, of which 15 beds constitute the Geriatric Ward.

Apart from free / subsidized bed charges (which includes all meals), our Parsi patients also avail of free / subsidized medicines, investigations, etc. the approximate cost of which is Rs. 1 crore annually. This is possible only through generous donations received from philanthropic members of our community.

We have very recently inaugurated a brand new C. T. Scan Department, thanks to the generous donation of Rs. 1.66 crores by the ‘Executors & Trustees of late Col. Pesi M. R. Bharoacha Trust’. Our Parsi Ward patients will now be able to avail of free/subsidized C. T. Scan facilities also.

The cost of good medical treatment is increasing day by day, and to sustain the highest standard of patient care for the poor and needy of our Community, we need to constantly upgrade our equipment and facilities. We therefore appeal to all the privileged members and well wishers of our Community to donate generously for the Parsi Ward of Masina Hospital.

Kindly contact Dr. R. B. Dastur, Medical Director for the donations. Cheques to be drawn in the name of ‘Masina Hospital Trust’ Sant Savta Marg, Byculla (E), Mumbai 400027.


Mr. Homi Katgara
Managing Trustee
August 2013

Practise Your Religion of Birth



By Neville Sorabji Gandhi (


Many Religions having different Customs, Traditions and Rituals are being practiced on this earth.  All the religions have more or less common teachings of Goodness and Virtues.  I am not comparing any one religion to the other because each of them has its own set of rules and followers.  In absence of religions, the world would have been different, perhaps akin to a dark jungle.

I am particularly concerned about our own Mazdayasni Zarathushti Religion that is being misunderstood and misconstrued of late.  A few members having malafide intentions are misleading our brethren who are either disinterested or careless towards practising the religion.

It is recorded in history that our ancestors fled Iran to save our religion and to preserve its sanctity for generations to follow.  But recently it is observed that a few heterodox Parsis with the help of a few Juddins are trying to distort the teachings of our Holy Prophet Asho Zarathushtra.  The print media and even Television and Internet are being used to mislead the people and consequently give a bad name to our Community.  Our Community is known for Quality and Not Quantity and has Pioneers in almost all the fields and Industries.  Parsee Zarathushti Community is known for its Peace Loving Attitude and is also well known for Philanthropy.    Our community despite being small in number has earned reputation that is unsurpassed.  Our ancestors practised Mazdayasni Zarathushti Religion with Sincerity and Dedication.  However there is a change in the thinking of  +today’s generation.  Most of our brethren are concentrating in acquiring materialistic achievements and seldom try to fulfill spiritual and religious duties.

Recently there have been write-ups in the Press by our very own Parsis openly propagating and supporting Conversion and Mixed-marriages.  People have started defying and negating our Holy Scriptures to suit their choices.  Our community has survived for thousands of years because our ancestors righteously followed the religious scriptures by marrying within the community and never converting people from other faiths.  Our Ethnicity and Parsipanu has been maintained by Sincere Religious Practices. 

Faith is the foundation of any religion.  One must have Faith in the religion of birth.  Our religion will survive for many more years if we continue to lead our lives according to the Tenets of our Religion.  


Meet Colaba’s patchwork man: Hosi Daruwala

Meet Colaba’s patchwork man: Hosi Daruwala, who has dedicated his life to stitching up old rags from tailor shops into quilts for needy cancer patients.

Seated in a chair at the head of a rickety old sewing machine, Mr. Hosi Daruwala matches its battle-weariness with some of his own. At 71, he is a small, shriveled man who looks tiny even under layers of sweaters and thermals that he wears to fight the slight monsoon chill as he stoops over his sewing machine, hard at work. Over the thermals, he wears a yellow polyester shirt and trousers fastened by a belt that is stretched until the very last hole, and then a little more. His tiny frame is a telling scar; a wound that he earned very early on in his battle with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia ; a type of blood cancer he fell prey to and lost over 30 kilos because of in a single month in 1999. This changed his life and set him on a course that helped him transform the lives of several others battling Cancer like him, and he has done it in his own unique manner. Homegrown’s Reza Noorani and Neville Sukhia spent a day with him as he went about his regular life and this is the story they unravelled.

In the 450 square feet flat where he has recently moved in, Mr Daruwala darts around his living room and pulls out files that give you an idea of the world. It is made up of photographs of patients who passed away from cancer, and every so often Mr Daruwala stops and tells us a fact or two about how the ones in the pictures fared or how they fell in their battle with the disease. He has magpie-like, hoarded up stacks of documents that fill up the two well-maintained, seventies style TV cabinets; letters of appreciation that people have sent in, help that he himself received, cheques for cancer foundations that kind folks have mailed from all around the world for (each of which is connected to a cancer story of a relative or a loved one who survived or succumbed and who came across Mr Daruwala during the course of their treatment). There are forms of more than half a dozen Cancer foundations he works with, and finally a whole bound history of his own battle with cancer in the form of test results and a bunch of other medical literature. This he shows to other cancer patients and inspire them to see that when a man as old as him could fight Cancer, it shouldn’t be all that tough for them to do so. There is also a large bundle of Xeroxed copies of home remedies to fight the side-effects of radiation and chemotherapy. In fact Mr Daruwala is big on these home remedies for which he depends a lot on his friend, who he introduces as a doctor, Dr Daraius Umrigar.

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