Memoirs of a photographer

Sooni Taraporevala’s photography project ‘Parsis’, which captures facets of the Parsi community, opens in Delhi today

Growing up in Mumbai in a Parsi household, Sooni Taraporevala saw her father click many pictures of their family members and would capture them in black and white images using a twin lens Rolleicord camera. Soon enough, she picked up the camera and started photography on her own.

At first she clicked all that she pleased, including members of her family, and continued to work as a professional photographer. Having spent the better part of her initial photography years in capturing images of her family, she had in her hands, a project, which just needed to be taken up formally. After her encounter with the famous photographer, late Raghubir Singh, who after seeing her work advised her to take up photographing her community, started the 36- year-old and still on-going photography project — of capturing members of the Parsi community, named “Parsis”.

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