Saronda Dispensary Charity Trust, Appeal

An Appeal
The Saronda Dispensary Charity Trust, Regd. No. E. 144 (Born) established in 1919, thanks to a generous contribution of Rs. I lakh given by Late Dhanbai Jiwanji Bhiladwalla has served the sick and the needy in and around the tiny village of Saronda, (near Sanjan, Gujarat) for the past 94 years. The income from the meagre corpus is not sufficient to meet the expenses incurred on medical relief given. This is an earnest appeal for funds to the Corpus of the Trust so that it can increase its efforts and services to the socio-economically deprived sections of society.

The Donations may be marked as “Donation to the Corpus of the Trust”. Cheques may be drawn in favour of the ‘The Saronda Dispensary Charity Trust’, addressed to: Mr. Jamshed A. Kathoke 9, Kavarana Building, Sant Gadge Maharaj Marg, Dadar Cross Road, Mumbai-400 014. Kindly mention your PAN. No. on reverse of the cheque.

For & On Behalf of Co-Trustees

The Saronda Dispensary Charity Trust

Ms. Zarin R. Virji. (Trustee).


  • How many zorastrians take advantage and what is finance scenario. Who are office bearers and how are they elected and how much have they contributed On Sep 27, 2013 8:01 PM, “Parsis, Iranis, Zarathushtis – ALL Under One

  • I had heard about this charitable dispensary started in 1914 in Saronda on my few visits to Nargol. Have been to Saronda as a kid and have very vague memories about the village. I would be very interested in knowing more details same as the ones asked by Mr. Freddie above, except that How many patients total not necessary Parsis use the facilities? I know that there must be less than 20 Parsis in the whole of Saronda. If you give me all relevant info., i am interested in contributing in different ways to keep this dispensary alive and running.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Dr Dilnavaz Burjor Bhiladvala

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