10 Mumbai Parsis you wish you knew

Parsi Mumbaikers are quite the overachievers and they give back to society too. Meet 10 such amazing individuals you want at your dinner table this Navroze

By Deepika Sorabjee 19 August, 2010

They’re known for being great doctors and lawyers, and also for giving back generously to their communities. So to mark the Parsi New Year, Navroze, we’re profiling 10 artsy Parsi personalities who touch our lives in Mumbai without us having to fall ill or foul of the law.

Shaheen Mistry, 39, social activist and educationist

Astad Deboo, 63, contemporary dancer

Sarosh Patel, 39, event manager

Kainaz Messman, 29, chef entrepreneur

Zane Dalal, 46, conductor

Shireen Gandhy, 45, gallerist

Kaiwan Mehta, 35, architect and lecturer

Mehlli Gobhai, 79, abstract painter

Sooni Taraporevala, 53, filmmaker

Rishad Naoroji, 59, conservationist and photographer 

Click here to read a brief on each one

courtesy : Hushang Vakil

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