Damanwalla Charitable Dispensary – Appeal for Donations


Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Road,  Udwada 396180


The Seth M C Damanwalla Charitable Dispensary was established in the year 1867 by Udwada Samast Anjuman, and has,  ever since its inception, served the Medical needs of Parsi and non Parsi residents of Udwada and surrounding villages. The Dispensary is only one of its kind In the area meeting the Medical needs of poor residents from the voluntary donations received by the dispensary.

Some of the services rendered by the dispensary are enumerated below:

  • Free medical treatment including medicines, to all Parsi residents as well as Parsi visitors to Udwada
  • Monthly quota of medicines delivered to Resident Parsi patients at their door step as prescribed by Doctors /Specialists for persistent/ chronic ailments.
  • Reimbursement of other actual Medical expenses incurred by Parsi patients, such as consultations of Specialists, Pathological tests and other medical investigations / treatment as may be prescribed by Doctors/ Consultants.
  • Totally subsidized medical treatment to all non Parsi patients, including medicines at reasonable rates
  • The Dispensary also gives free treatment/medicines/medical aid to needy & deserving non Parsi patients

We have enlisted the services of a full time Resident Doctor, who has been allotted a welt furnished bungalow adjacent to the Dispensary Building with amenities like free electricity, gas, water, telephone, TV, Refrigerator etc. besides a handsome monthly salary and other allowances, such as home visit fees etc. We are happy to inform that Dr. Mrs. Shirin P. Shroff is a Resident Medical Officer of our dispensary,

You will appreciate that all the above functions entail a heavy drain on the funds of the Dispensary, necessitating the need tor donations from kind Donors like you. Your donation could be forwarded by Cross & Order Cheque to the following address in the name of SETH M C DAMANWALLA CHARITABLE DISPENSARY for which an official receipt will be issued with 80 G – lT Exemption Certificate. Due to heavy price escalation in medicines, medical, equipments etc., we appeal you to donate generously for the noble cause.

Yours truly

ZARIR M. DASTUR  (PRESIDENT) Mob,: 09825424251


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  • Freddie Movdawala

    Do Parsi Zoroastrians take advantage of this Dispensary and how many Please specify since you are asking Donations from Zoroastrians

    On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 7:32 PM, Parsis, Iranis, Zarathushtis – ALL Under

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