Dhansak in eight easy steps

Cooking dhansak is the gospel of Parsi cooking. Now you can make dhansak at your home in eight easy steps – it doesn’t get any easier!

It doesn’t help that all the recipes online /in cook-books have enough steps to scare the living daylights out of me. And, since the mom-in-law has so far been chief Dhansak maker, it means that I have to live up to my mom, in-laws and the Mr. standards.

However,  there is no greater joy than facing your fears which is what I exactly did last week and it turned out amazing! Much simpler than I thought it was in retrospect. So, here’s my eight – step recipe for Dhansak:

To make enough for 6 very hungry people and some leftovers – Click Here

Perzen Patel is the @BawiBride. Bawi by birth and foodie by life, Perzen believes that great moments are born out of great opportunities. The Bawi Bride blog documents Perzen’s journey of cooking everyday Parsi food to feed fellow foodie souls. She also caters to Mumbai foodies and offers dips, desserts and Parsi delicacies for purchase each weekend.

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