The Parsi Genealogy Project

The Parsi Genealogy Project

One man’s effort to put the family trees of everyone in the community on the internet
“We have to face it,” he says somewhat despondently, “We might not be around in another few years. Or just a handful of us will remain… Will [those who do] remember their past, their ancestors? Or will everything be just darkness?” Interest in one’s ancestry and concern for one’s legacy are human traits common to all, but perhaps far more pronounced in the case of a minority group threatened with the possibility of extinction. India’s Parsi community of Zoroastrians is almost certainly on that path. According to the 1941 Indian Census, there were 115,000 Parsis in India. In 2001, the count was only 69,601. This figure has probably dwindled in the decade since.
The Parsi Family Tree is currently a mishmash of a number of family trees. Many of them are tiny, with no more than three generations listed. Some, however, look astoundingly large.  Tantra’s project is a work in progress. Every few days, he sees a new tree being formed or people updating their lists. He is pursuing many others who he knows maintain records of their family lines.
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  • Firoze Rustmji Sumariwalla

    Great work, keep it on, wish you the best.
    Firoze Rustomji Sumariwalla.

  • Hi .. Please can you let us know as to how we can access family ancestry especially mine TANTRA. Tried to find info but a bit confusing . Did register with my facebook account but could not go any further. Jimmy

    • You may kindly do a search on the Surname in the People Search Box on the top right. If you find someone related, you may connect with that person. If not, you can grow your own tree to the extent you can, and the system will connect common people automatically. All the best !

  • Is the site still open for new members?

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