Pilot Study on Oral Health Status of Elderly Parsees

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are a lot of old patients in my community…The Parsees. The population statistics show that more than 75% of Parsees are over the age of 60 years. So now we have a huge number of persons who will need treatment at some stage or another. That means…firstly, we must find out what are their problems related to the mouth and teeth. We need to create a proper database of these patients. Then we can work towards what treatments they need, or want.
Geriartric patients’ needs and wants are different from the rest of the population. It follows that their treatment plans will also be unique—to them, as well as to each of them, taken separately. So, the first step is to Study and Record the Oral Health Status of The Elderly of the Parsee Community. Dr. Arnavaz M. Havewala, M.D.S.(Bombay) has undertaken this Project — to assess , study and record the Oral Health Status of the Elderly Members of the Parsee Community.
Since a formal study would have to cover a large population of subjects, a Pilot Study has to be done first. The Format used for this Study is the Format used and provided by the World Health Organisation in 1997. The Pilot Study has already been initiated at the Masina Hospital,


Byculla, Mumbai. It was inaugurated by the Managing Trustee, Mr. Homi Katgara and the Medical Director, Dr. Rohinton Dastoor, on the 17th of October, 2013, in the Parsee Ward. The study covered all fifteen patients in the Parsee Ward, as well as two elderly patients who attended the Dental Out-Patients’ Department of the

Masina Hospital.

Eventually, Dr.Havewala plans to extend the scope of this Study to cover all Elderly Parsees in Old-Age Homes, Baugs and Institutions.


All those desirous of having a complete assessment of the Oral Health Status, or a Free Diagnostic Checkup done, can avail of this by contacting Dr.Arnavaz M. Havewala at the R.N.Gamadia Polyclinic, Gamadia Colony, Tardeo,

Mumbai 400007…Call for Information / Appointments—23521068 / 65056472 / 9221291669.

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