Exhibition – Shahnameh


Dear Folks,

It is time for another one of A kind EXHIBITION,for ALL. the Zarathustis.It will always stay in your memory, I assure you.I was lucky to attend one of these and to this day,I still cannot figure out the excellent planning and the hours of labour SEE THE ATTACHMENT,for details.If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at┬áMehernaz N. Irani [mailto:mnirani9@gmail.com]

SILLOO has v.successfully held exhibitions,every DECEMBER, in Mumbai. This one too will take a lot of work, like the ones previously.

Of course most of us who know her, read her MAZDAYESNIE CONNECTION, have attended her camps, her classes enjoyed going to IRAN labour of love and dedication











Courtesy : Firdosh Sukhia

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