See the Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Central London

Fire, a primordial power has long held a certain fascination for mankind. Anything from its ability to heat early caves, and later homes, and then when fire was confined into gas boilers, we still decorate our homes with candles.

It has also been a topic for religions, often just candles in churches — but more profound for the Zoroastrians — and underneath a gallery in central London, you can find a Zoroastrian temple with its eternal flame burning brightly.

The exhibition doesn’t start with fire though, but relics of its early years and explanations of how the faith converted from an oral tradition to something was was later written down.

Click Here for the full story on the exhibition – the Everlasting Flame, including various aspects.

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  • Just wanted to know is there any parsi fire temple near luton. If so can give me the address please.

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