Should the World Zoroastrian Congress be cancelled ?

Should the World Zoroastrian Congress be cancelled owing to infighting within the BPP ?

By a vote of four to three the Bombay Parsi Punchayet trustees have cancelled the Tenth World Zoroastrian Congress to be held in Bombay this December. The four have filed a complaint before the Charity Commissioner to remove Dinshaw Mehta from the board of trustees. Dinshaw Mehta has refuted the charges and is willing to face the law.

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  • Dear Yezdi

    Thanks for picking up what was on my mind and implimenting it so fast.

    i merely transmitted what i read on the Parsiana website.

    i think this is something every true blue Z would wish had never happened.

    But the truth will out, eventually and that is all a Zarthoshti can hope for.

    Meanwhile i am sure we will have a clearer picture tomorrow morning.

    I am certain that a team of senior Parsees can take over and make sure the Congress is held as per plan.

    Cancelling it will have unimaginable ramifications — both financial and of our credibility.

    Good night. God Bless.


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  • The world must know the mess that is being made of the nearly four hundred years old BPP.

  • The show must go on….

  • Cancelling the congress may not be a solution. Some measures can be taken up and discussed at length to break the monopoly of few concerned.

  • It should be organized, but not in India. Until the Indian community wakes up and removes the blind folds it has willingly put on, such events should be kept away from them. Instead, have meeting and talks by people that speak the truth and not by interested parties.

  • the trustees should keep their differences aside and let the wzc take place.too much effort has gone into this congress already.big names are lined up.let the show go onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…………..

  • no

  • tazeen Canteenwala

    Whatever be the differences within the BPP ,surely there are others who can and should step in and conduct the Conference with the dignity that this occasion merits
    Backing out is no solution to the problem of corruption that the community in Bombay faces.
    This is a WORLD conference and the BPP is not the world!

  • No we should not stop it instead we should try to solve the problem. Every problem has the solution.

  • BPP should have no say in the matter of holding the WZC in Mumbai.

    Let us Parsis of Mumbai unite and make it a occasion to remember with or without the BPP. We have the ways and means of making it a big success. An appeal should be forthcoming to strengthen the hands of Manek Dastur and Company to enable the show to go on.

    If BPP insists on joining then boycott the meeting by all means.

    Minoo Patel

  • Strongly agree with all the above! The BPP infighting is the precise reason the WZC MUST be held… to expose this mess and encourage some form of responsibility and accountability towards the community! The BPP’s sense of self-importance needs a little shake up.

  • Mrs. Roshni J. Bhavnagri

    The WZC should not be stopped. The BPP must not be given a chance to feel that they have the upper hand. Maybe the WZC may
    be able to solve the problem & make them see the mess they are
    putting the community into. GOOD LUCK our good wishes are with

  • WZC MUST be held and that too in Mumbai only. As very aptly put ‘This is a World conference and BPP is not the World’. After the conference is over, the mumbai parsis must unite and vote to boot out the BPP Trustees, and infuse new younger blood.

  • Mr. Mehta was a wrong choice as head of BPP right from the begining. Every one knew what he stood for. Its a pity that even after knowing this the people voted for him. There was a time when an honest and trust worthy person like Mr. Dadrawala spoke about the functioning of BPP & the high handedness of the Chairman. But said to say he could not continue as a trustee. So now that there is a case filed against Mr. Mehta, I suggest that the WZC should hold the conference, but not under the leadership of the BPP but should be conducted by World Zorastrian Organisation. After the function is over efforts should be made to remove Mr. Mehta from the Chairmanship in BPP and an honest trustee be appointed in his place. this will clean up all the muck that has been accumulated in our esteemed BPP.

  • Fellow Zoroastrians–chup kai cho? can’t u see what our mulla trustees of BPP are up to. Do u need more proof of their autocratic behaviour? theWZO must happen–stand up and be heard. its now or never.

    mrs Gooloo Ratan Mehta.

  • The Congress must go on– but the agenda need to be revised.
    I believe a number of people wanting to talk were refused.
    Some extra-curricular items can be dropped.

    Kersee Kabraji

  • Dhanoo Khusrokhan

    The BPP should step aside, and allow the Congress to go on.
    They have established beyond reasonable doubt that they are only interested in fighting amongst themselves and incapable of running a once prestigious Institution. In fact they should all resign.

  • Hello Everyone!
    Having spoken at a number of our community congresses and sadly being unable to attend this one, i hope this one continues. Why is it that some people who offered to present were denied? What is the agenda here?
    I hope to hear that this congress brought our community together! Unity is strength, as my Granny taught me!

    Warm Wishes from North America

    Farah Mahrukh Coomi Shroff

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  • I have to admit to not being a devout Zoroastrian. But, I am a proud one. I am proud of our history, our heritage and our integrity as a community. We have, for centuries, enjoyed a reputation of being unconditionally honest, both in our work places as well as in our personal lives. For the matter at hand – the World Zoroastrian Congress is NOT a Parsi Punchayet function and does not need the “permission” or any of the trustees to go ahead. Judging from the ridiculous and embarrassing infighting that seems to be the norm these days, I am convinced that the congress should go ahead WITHOUT any of the “trustees” in attendance.

    Disappointed in HK…

  • I have never understood why BPP interferes with the working of the congress? It is just a committee to look after the finances of the community ( which they conveniently mis appropriate).
    They r not the custodians of the religion, nor the congress. They think that they own the community as their personal property..

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