Zarathushtis to Present Workshop at United Nations Headquarters


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NEW YORK, December 25, 2013 – FEZANA will be participating at the 58th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) Conference to be held at the UN Headquarters in New York, USA.


Tanya Bharda, Homi Gandhi, Nurelle Mehta, Farah Minwalla, Afreed Mistry, Behram Pastakia and Mani Rao from FEZANA will be representing the Zoroastrians at the UN.  The group will be presenting a panel discussion titled, “Empowering women to break away from the vicious circle of poverty.”


Women throughout the centuries have suffered because of social, institutional and economical factors brought down from generation to generation.  There have been many breakthroughs to try and eradicate poverty but a lot more work still remains.  From NGO examples, we will show successful steps that have been taken to empower and change women’s lives.  These women have become more independent and have discovered their talents and a way to earn a living.


The panel discussion details are:

Date:        Monday, March 10th, 2014

Time:        2:30 pm to 4 pm

Location:  Church Centre, Drew Room, 777 United Nations Plaza, New York

Visitors do not need a security pass to attend the session, so please encourage your local Zoroastrians to attend and support the presentation.


About United Nations

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About Zoroastrians

Zoroastrians have long served as effective bridge builders in interfaith dialogue as they see from their own faith, traditions of truth, righteousness, charity, beneficence and respect for creation reflected in traditions of the religions of both the occident and the orient. Zoroastrianism, founded circa 1500 BCE, is credited to be the oldest monotheistic religion, influencing post-exilic Judaism, which adopted some Zoroastrian beliefs such as the ultimate victory of good over evil and the resurrection of souls. These percepts were then transmitted through Judaism to Christianity, and later to Islam. Zoroastrianism flourished as the imperial religion of three Persian empires, those of the Achaemenians, Parthians and Sasanians, and was the dominant religion from Turkey, and eastward to China during those times. North America’s Zoroastrian community includes those who arrived from the Indian subcontinent, known as Parsis, and those who came directly from Iran seeking religious freedom.



Founded in 1987, FEZANA serves as the coordinating body for 25 Zoroastrian associations throughout the United States and Canada. FEZANA promotes the study, understanding and practice of the Zoroastrian faith in North America., represents the interests of its member associations, and carries out philanthropic and charitable activities worldwide. The FEZANA Journal, FEZANA’s publication of record, circulates to Zoroastrian households in more than 22 countries, as well as to scholars, academicians and religious organizations worldwide. For more information visit:

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