World Zoroastrian Congress – Day 2 – Video

Practices of the Zoroastrian Faith in India and Other Parts of the World – Future of Parsi Irani Communities in India and the Diaspora – Session Chair Person Mr. Dorab Mistry – Panellists Mr. Bomi Patel, Ms.Pervin Mistry, Mr. Malcolm Deboo, Ms. Ketayun Kapadia, Mr. Sarosh Maneckshaw, Mr. Parviz Varjavand, Mr. Firoz Pestonji

Zoroastrianism: The way forward Mr. Darius Khambatta

Parsi Philanthropy and Poverty Alleviation Session Chair Person Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly Panellists Mr. Neville Shroff, Ms. Ketayun Kapadia, Mr. Dorab Mistry, Mr. Firdosh Mehta

A Zoroastrian Legacy through the Ages Mr. Khojeste Mistree

Are the present day Parsis versatile and illustrious like their forefathers? If not why? Session Chair Person Mr. Burjor Antia Panellists Mr. Zerrick Dastur,Mr. Mehernosh Humranwalla,Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly
The Zoroastrian Link to Nature and Conservation Session Chair PersonMs. Aban Marker Kabraji Panellists Mr. Homi Khusrokhan, Mr. Rooyinton Peer, Dr. Erach Bharucha, Dr. Percy Avari
The Zoroastrian World – a Demographic Picture Ms. Roshan Rivetna

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