World Zoroastrian Congress – Day 3 – Video

Demography and Way Forward: Issues of Fertility and Solutions Session Chair Person Ms. Roshan Rivetna Panellists Mr. Dinshaw Mehta, Ms. Armaity Desai, Dr. Nozer Sheriar, Dr. Anahita Pandole, Dr. Pervin Dadachanji, Dr. Zinobia Madan
Women’s health from birth to menopause Dr. Rusi Soonawala
Medicine: Past, Present & Future Dr. Farokh Udwadia
Challenges for Parsi Philantropy Management experienced by BPP and other trusts Mr. Berjis Desai
Enterprise Dubai 19th-21st December 2014 Presentation by Ms. Meher Bhesania

Sports in the Parsi context or the lack thereof Session Chair Person Mr. Adille Sumariwala Panellists Mr. Mickey Mehta, Mr. Cavas Billimoria Mr. Nari Contractor, Mr. Vispi Kapadia

Youth Session with Parzor – Roots Programme Session Chair Person Ms. Shernaz Cama & Ms. Aban Marker- Kabraji and team
Shah Nameh with Slides Dr. Vesta Curtis

Entertainment – Laughter on the House – Adi Marzban

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