World Zoroastrian Congress – Day 4 – Video

Eminent Parsi Businessmen: Reconstructing the Community’s Business Skills – Session Chairman Mr. Homi Khushrokhan Panellists Mr. Nadir Godrej, Mr. Neville Shroff, Mr. Keki Mistry, Mr. Zubin Karkaria, Mr. Yazdi Tantra

Nationalism, Nation-Building & National Security: Our contribution then & now Air Chief Marshal Fali Major

Book Release: Images of Udvada High Priests: Early History of Udvada Dasturji Dr. Peshotan Hormaziar Mirza; Udvada Today Dasturji Khurshed Dastur

FEZANA Ms. Ketayun Kapadia, Mr. Bomi Patel, Firdosh Mehta, Rohinton Rivetna, Homi Gandhi, Rustom Kevala, Dolly Dastoor

ZTFE (Zoroastrian Centre for Europe) Mr. Dorab Mistry

Scope of redevelopment of Parsi Baugs & properties Session Chair Person Mr. Jimmy Mistry Panellists Mr. Zareer Bhatena, Mr. Boman Irani

Summing up by Sam Balsara

Vote of Thanks by Manek Davar

Passing the Baton to Russi Ghadiali for the World Zoroastrian Congress 2017

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