You can help save the Vultures

You can help save the Vultures!! Please donate generously

BNHS to establish Vulture Safe Zone in Madhya Pradesh

 Nature’s Custodians of Cleanliness:

For centuries vultures have been silently performing a very important task in the cycle of nature. They are Nature’s Custodians of Cleanliness. Till the early 1990s, huge flocks of vultures along roadsides, along railway lines, in fields, in forests and at dumping grounds were a common site. They played a key role in keeping our countryside clean and disease-free by disposing off animal carcasses. That apart, vultures are graceful birds, when you see them soaring high up in the heavens or majestically gliding down in search of food.

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Courtesy : K F Keravala


Scholarships for Post Graduate Studies Abroad

The trustees of K.C. Mahindra Education Trust offer interest-free loan scholarships to Indian nationals for post-graduate studies abroad in various fields. Applications are invited for the K C Mahindra Scholarships for Post-Graduate Studies for the year 2014
The maximum amount for the scholarships wit be Rs. 2 lakhs per scholar except for the 3 K.C. Mahindra fellow scholarships for which the maximum amount will be Rs. 8 lakhs per scholar.
Applicants for the scholarships are required to satisfy the following conditions

• They most possess a FIRST CLASS degree or an equivalent diploma of similar standard from a recognised Indian university.

• They must have secured admission or have applied for admission in reputable foreign universities for courses commencing from September. 2014 but not later than February, 2015.

Candidates studying in the FINAL YEAR of the degree or diploma courses are also eligible to apply, provided they produce their final year certificate before 30th June 2014,

Application forms can be collected from K.C. Mahindra Education Trust, Cecil Court 3rd Floor, Near Regal Cinema, Mahakavi Bhushan Marg, Mumbai-400001 or downloaded from and submitted in the prescribed format.

Prescribed application forms duly filled in by the applicants together with necessary enclosures must reach the Trust Office before 31st March 2014.

The final interview of the candidates will take place in the month of July 2014. The interview date will be intimated to the selected candidates by the end of May, 2014.

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K C MAHINDRA Education Trust

A ladder for talent to rise.

Appeal – Medical Aid

The Board Members
‘Zarthushti Anjuman of Northern California’
PO Box 4568
Foster City, CA 94404USA

Re: Medical Assistance.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Your generous efforts to share a few sum on caring of treatment to woman’s life in the care and remedial operation a surgery against curing the osteoporotic spine /mild marrow edemea/D12&11 vertebral body (medical copies and reports included with this letter) patient KHORSHED BUHARIWALA{A parsi Zoroastrian individual lady 70yrs old woman who served the “Navsari Aabuwala parsi infirmary” a rigorous service to the parsi people from allover the world for 40 yrs,A self devoted indispensable humanity service done in faith to Zarthusti nonce to needy co religious of Zoroastrian faith. in dire disparity for dispossessing cost of medical expenses.} who , has been diagnosed and preferably prescribed to the admission at Masina Hospital by Dr. Shahrukh Vatcha where in few days operation will be undertaken performed.It will be in will to Lord AHURA MAZDA for exponential benefit to this lady’s curing and medical treatment if your org. contribute and donate money, otherwise this shall lead remain to cui bono if honest kind and benevolent parsi a ingratiate each parsi community person do not adhered to take significance of our prophets legacy of courtesy.

I have firm belief that the medical help and monetary aid from your institution, or person as self about the aid /financial help in life’s expedient danger period, given help in monetary terms to ailment of expenses in medicine /treatment and cure, operation and cure, remains top agenda and for this I put here a plea, a message before your organization/institution conveying through this letter. In philanthropy Parsis as a community always come forward to such a plightful condition The total estimated expense is 3 lakhs rupees and with a salary of 5000/month the medical cost is non-surmountance unsustainable and superlative.

Yours truly,

Pharhad Buhariwala.
Address of correspondence:-pinjar-street,malesar,Navsari-396445.Gujarat.India.

On prudence and approval to genuine cause I ascertain your organization genuinely that all medical report copies and referral to this cause a affirmation made and issued by Dastoorji Maherji Rana the High priest of Zoroastrian community about the facts and truth shall also be postally send with integrity your org. will be send immediately all receipt, bill and account ,reports xerox copies maintained


Courtesy : Hushang Vakil

Zoroastrianism, homosexuality & LGBT issues

Zoroastrianism, homosexuality & LGBT issues – a lecture recording

Posted by: 

Roj Avan Mah Shehrevar, 1383 Yz.

As announced earlier, a function was held at the Mahella Patel Agiary at Grant Road, Mumbai, on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 to commemorate the 4th death anniversary of Vada Dasturji Meherji Dastur Kekobad Meherji Rana of Navsari.

After the Jashan and other prayers, I gave a talk on: “Zoroastrianism, Homosexuality and LGBT issues”.

The video recording of the above talk will be put up on the Frashogard You Tube channel shortly.

An audio recording of the lecture has been uploaded on to the Ilm-e-Khshnoom Sky Drive. The entire talk is given in Gujarati only.

Readers of Frashogard can click the link below to download the MP3 fle of the lecture.

The total talk time was 1 hour and 32 minutes. The audio file size is 11 MB.

I give below a short summary of the talk with time pointers for the use of readers. A written version of the talk will be posted on Frashogard later.


Gallery Chemould

The Dreamers

The son of a wealthy Parsi businessman, Kekoo was born in 1920 in his family’s sea-facing bungalow, Kekee Manzil, in Bandra. “As a child, my father was a bit of a goody-goody, but that changed as the years went on,” his daughter Shireen Gandhy told me about Kekoo’s transition from a privileged Parsi child to a young man deeply engaged in art and politics. After completing his school education in Bombay, he went to Cambridge in 1938, where he became secretary of the Indian students’ organisation Majlis, which was a forum for, among other things, vibrant political debates. In 1939, he came to Bombay to see his family, but could not return to Cambridge because of the outbreak of the Second World War. Two years later, when his father set up the Chemical Moulding Manufacturing Company, a factory that made picture frames, Kekoo began to help out with the business. This was the beginning of his contact with the world of art.

In Bombay, Kekoo’s Chemould Frames became the place where those interested in art were introduced to new work. Over the late 1940s and 1950s, the elegant wooden frames inside the small shop on Princess Street displayed a whole range of new art from India, including Husain’s galloping horses and Raza’s symmetrical whorls of colour. Since all the paintings couldn’t go on display at once, Kekoo would store several at the family’s factory in Andheri. Kekoo’s son, Adil Gandhy, remembers paintings by artists like Tyeb Mehta piled up in rooms on the upper floor of the factory. “I used to tell him, ‘Papa, what are you doing? These paintings are just collecting dust here,’” Adil, who now runs Chemould Frames, told me when I met him at the shop last October.

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IRAN Private BEST at COST Tour —-May, 2014 Itinerary

Dear Friends,

With Best Greetings to you and your Family for the New Year 2014.

Attached you will find the Iran Tour Itinerary as well as the cost.Clipboard01

Basically this is a Private Tour of Close Friends and their Families and Relatives with the sole purpose of getting the BEST at the COST.

Last year I conducted a Tour to IRAN for my Close Friends and Relatives.  It was a Grand Success & a Memorable Tour of a Life Time for them.  I have been again asked by many of my Friends to conduct another tour to IRAN this May, 2014.

This Year’s Tour will be much Grander.  We will crisscross most of Iran and will stay at top 5 Star Hotels in all cities and towns with the exception of Zanjan which will be in a top 4 Star Hotel.

It is a well planned Itinerary taking the trip to some places which I think other tour operators have missed out.

Since this is a once in a life time tour of my Dear Friends, this tour will be Professionally handled and it will be the BEST  at COST with Full Value for your Money with no compromise on the Quality of the Tour

Basically the program has been drawn up for 21 Nights / 22 Days.  But considering my Dear Friends time constraints and budget in mind, I have given an option of 10 Nights / 11 Days as well as 14 Nights / 15 Days.

The Price has been calculated to get the BEST of the Tour at the Minimum possible Price.

Compare our Price with other Tour Operators and you will see the savings.  Besides you should not forget ours will be aHigh Class Tour: We will be staying in the BEST of the Hotels with BEST of the Food and BEST of the Services.

The Tourist Season of Iran starts in the month of May because it is the Spring Season at its BEST.   The Climate of Iran is Superb – Cool & Pleasant and far away from the Maddening Heat of India & the Gulf States.

This is a once in a life time opportunity to join this very well planned and cost effective tour.  Kindly inform your Relatives and Friends about this tour.  They will be interested in joining the tour.  I am sure you will also take this opportunity and join our Tour to IRAN.

So, if you are Cost Conscious & Want the BEST, then join us and have a Memorable Experience of a LIFE TIME.

Please be free to email or call me on my Mobile Number: +918097003993 and book your name for the tour now

Best Regards,



11, 15 & 22 Days Iran Tour Itinerary 



Vacancy for Chief Executive Officer-BPP



The Trustees of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) are seeking the services of a Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian CEO with outstanding vision, strong management skills and the ability to provide strategic leadership under the direction of the Board. The Position will directly report to the Board of Trustees of the BPP.


Candidates must meet the following requirements

  • Degree in Law/ Accounting/ Finance/ Economics/ HR and IR from a recognized University with minimum 20 years of relevant experience.

  • Candidates with previous work experience at various management levels of GM, VP/ AVP, President need only apply.

  • Candidate must possess knowledge of IT Systems and processes, having ability to understand technology and its implementation for the Trust and its beneficiaries.

  • Experience in matters of Housing Laws, land development, trust laws, labour, legal and statutory requirements shall be an added advantage.

  • Exceptional leadership skills with demonstrated track record of working at senior level having extensive Human Relation skills set to lead a large staff and deal with beneficiaries.

  • The position carries a market-based remuneration package and welcomes applicants irrespective of gender.


Interested applicants should send their application along with CV and a recent passport size photograph to the Bombay Parsi Punchayet, 209, Dr. D. N. Road, Fort, Mumbai-400 001. The cover/envelope should clearly state “APPLICATION FOR CEO.” Candidates will be interviewed by the Board of Trustees. Only short listed candidates will be called for interviews. However, all Applications will be duly acknowledged.

The Board of Trustees,

Bombay Parsi Punchayet

Mr. & Miss Vogue

You will be happy to know that a student of Dadar Athornan Institute and DPYA High School Ardeshirshaw Nariman and Anahita R. Karanjia of J. B.Vachha High School are among the Finalists in the Interschool Personality contest – Mr. & Miss Vogue

Two more of our Zarthoshti children are among the Finalists – one from Avanbai Petit School and one from St. Mary’s ICSE.

If you  feel they deserve to win you may LIKE  them on the Vogue Facebook page which will increase their popularity count. The links are given below for your convenience.

The Artistic side of Avesta

With every Avestan letter I mastered, I felt like I was securing a piece of Zoroastrian culture’

Perin Pudumjee Coyaji is the only person in the world to have written a book of Kusti prayers in Avestan calligraphy, a rare script as ancient as Zoroaster himself.

A Wadia College alumnus and a former copywriter, Perin left her job at a leading advertising agency at the age of 25 to pursue her childhood passion of calligraphy.

A devoted student of renowned calligraphy artist Achyut Palav, it was around 15 years ago, at a workshop conducted by her guru, that she saw a thesis on the old Modi script of Western India and first wondered if something like an ‘Avestan script’ existed.

Today, Perin blends different elements of the Avestan script into her calligraphy art, in essence unifying the two worlds of language and visual art. “I try to maintain the sanctity of the sacred language by sticking to handmade paper and auspicious colours like bronze and silver.

In this era of digitisation, there’s something strikingly beautiful in seeing lines in dark red and gold ink ink elegantly flowing over paper. This work is meditation for me — unless it’s a commissioned piece, I seldom have a fixed idea of what I am setting out to do. I simply go with the flow, quite literally,” Perin says.

December 2013 was a special time for Perin, for her work was displayed at an eminent exhibition on Zoroastrianism held in the Brunei Gallery London. “I feel so privileged to be one of the torchbearers of this script today.

But I will be truly successful in my goal only when I pass on this knowledge to the youth,” says the mother of two twin boys. A book on Ahun, the Avestan version of Om, is her next project. “Using Ahun as a base motif, I want to explore the myriad movements within this single sound and seek greater depths in it.”

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