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Frohar Films–presents ‘Humata Hukhta Hvarshta’– ‘Suvichar Suvachan Sukarma’on ‘DD-11 Girnar -(Ahmedabad-Doordarshan) on  Saturday–          11th  January, 2014 (10.00 a.m.) In this Episode the  famous Kirtankar Ervad Parvez Katrak, will present Asho Zarathustra’s  Glorious Life with Gathavani and Mathravani in Kirtan Form.

It will followed by an Interview of formar Captain of Indian Cricket Team Mr. Nari Contractor by our well known Bomi Dotiwala.

Every 2nd,4th & 5th  Sundays of the month at 11.30 am.

Frohar Films – presents ASHA VAHISHTA” -“SARVOTTAM SATYA Sunday 12th January,2014  Zee Jagran – Zee TV Network, at 11.30 a.m.

“Parukh Dharamshalla”.

Watch the Parukh Dharamshalla for the Senior Citizens – run by Bombay Parsi Panchyat. Parukh Dharamshalla’s clean & neat surroundings, good food, doctors’ room, meeting room, games room, kitchen, large dining room, recreation area and different kinds of living facilities for the male & female inmates.

Also watch – Interviews of the Inmates – and much more.

This will be followed by the Song “Ek Zarthosti tolo avyo Mukam Bunder Sanjan”.

“Don’t miss watching this unique episode”.

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  • I was astonished and a little perplexed to read this item regarding a TV broadcast related to our religion. Please could you explain why our Avestan motto has been turned into ‘Suvichar Suvachan Sukarma’?
    What is the objective behind the change?

    Also, I have never heard of any Zarthoshti ritual called ‘SARVOTTAM SATYA’.
    What does it mean and is this intended as a concession to Hinduism?
    Is there some pressure on you to make the Zarthoshti religion sound like a
    branch of Hinduism?

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