Ghambhar Tooji & Talk by Prof Martin Schwartz

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We are very excited to host Professor Schwartz this Saturday. Please join us for his lecture at 3PM.

GUEST SPEAKER: Professor Martin Schwartz
TOPIC: The Gathas’ Religious Content and Poetry
WHEN: Saturday, January 11th 2004, 3 PM
WHERE: Almaden Community Center
                6445 Camden Ave,
                San Jose, CA 95120

Dr. Martin Schwartz is Emeritus Professor of Iranian Studies at UC. Berkeley, Department of Near Eastern Studies. His interests include:
Iranian Studies (Pre-Islamic Iran and Central Asia): Old and Middle Iranian languages, and literatures, Iranian historical linguistics, Zoroastrianism, Indo-European, interactions of the Iranian and Jewish worlds, Late Antiquity, Ethnomusicology (19th-20th cent. Jewish and Greek music).

In this seminar, Professor Schwartz will discuss the following:

  • Introduction to the Gathas
  • Interesting features of theology and religious contents of the Gathas
  • Zarathustra’s poetic genius

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