Appeal for Funds for repairs to Agiary

We the Parsis of THE CAWNPORE PARSEE ANJUMAN, KANPUR, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA  hereby wish to make a humble appeal to all the respected Individual members of the community/ Trusts /Organizations belonging to the Zoroastrian community to come forward and donate Whole Heartedly  to “ B.N. Javeri Dare-Meher” the only Agiary (ATASH PADSHAH) and the oldest in the North India and the only functional one in the entire State of Uttar Pradesh.
The purpose of our making this humble Appeal is that we intend to undergo major repair work  along with painting  and renovating  the  Agiary which has not been done for the past so many years majorly due to lack of funds.
We at Kanpur are a handful of Parsi’s  just  35 in number to be more precise. The source of income is negligible as compared to the expenses relating to maintenance of Agiary.  We are getting Dasturji’s from Mumbai on rotation, as no one is willing to come on a permanent basis. Our Dasturji who was looking after the Agiary has grown very old and is not  keeping well. We thus have to look after our old Dasturji and also the Dastur’s who come from Mumbai.
We therefore most humbly request our community members to donate generously, to enable us to maintain the only Agiary in Uttar Pradesh. Donations may  please be sent by way of Demand Draft or Account Payee cheque in favour of “B.N.  JAVERI  DARE-MEHER TRUST” on the under mentioned  address.
Hoshang Homi Udwadia
( Andheri W, Mumbai ~ M : 9321519478 )

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