A Legacy Driven Life

We’re genetically engineered for success

A Legacy Driven Life (Live a Legacy to Leave a Legacy) by Adil F. Dalal is a revelation. It is very much unlike the writing done by those seeking to relocate us to a better plane in life by passing the baton of knowledge gleaned from reading some of the millions of pages already printed on this vastly nebulous subject. Here is the benefit of direct personal experience.

Those who try to get us to shift gears, and thereby re-arrange and tidy up our emotional baggage, will have delved into (we must be fair to them for their efforts) volumes of psycho-babble to get to what they feel is the crux of the matter. Only tragedy is that there is too much variety in this so-called concept of matter, that they seem to be addressing some of the ‘ills’ that they perceive in our methods. There is a pre-supposition that we are somewhere unfit and that their book is the perfect panacea. Other authors seek to teach us how to out-guess and out-manoeuvre our detractors in the office arena – assuming we are embattled. A war to end all wars becomes their prescription, wanting us to leave a trail of the vanquished in our wake.

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A Legacy Driven Life 
by Adil F. Dalal
Pinnacle Process Solutions, International, LLC
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