• To whom so ever ti may concern
    This is just a thought after hearing Hanuman Chalisa sung by Amitabh Bachan can we Parsis not get together (along with vada dasturs /trustees and influntial people in the community) request the big B to make a CD on our important prayers /monajats with his deep voice it would be classic to hear our prayers recited specially where our prayers have voice appreaciation. Check with our vada dasturs for compiling the list of prayers.

  • Great idea if our VadaDasturs have no objection and if big B agrees to help out.HoweverI am sure there must be at least a few men in our community with a sonorous voice like his.Best of luck in your efforts.

  • I would like to download these songs and make a CD.too good.Make CD,s and keep in agiary to sell.

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