Appeal – Medical Aid

The Board Members
‘Zarthushti Anjuman of Northern California’
PO Box 4568
Foster City, CA 94404USA

Re: Medical Assistance.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Your generous efforts to share a few sum on caring of treatment to woman’s life in the care and remedial operation a surgery against curing the osteoporotic spine /mild marrow edemea/D12&11 vertebral body (medical copies and reports included with this letter) patient KHORSHED BUHARIWALA{A parsi Zoroastrian individual lady 70yrs old woman who served the “Navsari Aabuwala parsi infirmary” a rigorous service to the parsi people from allover the world for 40 yrs,A self devoted indispensable humanity service done in faith to Zarthusti nonce to needy co religious of Zoroastrian faith. in dire disparity for dispossessing cost of medical expenses.} who , has been diagnosed and preferably prescribed to the admission at Masina Hospital by Dr. Shahrukh Vatcha where in few days operation will be undertaken performed.It will be in will to Lord AHURA MAZDA for exponential benefit to this lady’s curing and medical treatment if your org. contribute and donate money, otherwise this shall lead remain to cui bono if honest kind and benevolent parsi a ingratiate each parsi community person do not adhered to take significance of our prophets legacy of courtesy.

I have firm belief that the medical help and monetary aid from your institution, or person as self about the aid /financial help in life’s expedient danger period, given help in monetary terms to ailment of expenses in medicine /treatment and cure, operation and cure, remains top agenda and for this I put here a plea, a message before your organization/institution conveying through this letter. In philanthropy Parsis as a community always come forward to such a plightful condition The total estimated expense is 3 lakhs rupees and with a salary of 5000/month the medical cost is non-surmountance unsustainable and superlative.

Yours truly,

Pharhad Buhariwala.
Address of correspondence:-pinjar-street,malesar,Navsari-396445.Gujarat.India.

On prudence and approval to genuine cause I ascertain your organization genuinely that all medical report copies and referral to this cause a affirmation made and issued by Dastoorji Maherji Rana the High priest of Zoroastrian community about the facts and truth shall also be postally send with integrity your org. will be send immediately all receipt, bill and account ,reports xerox copies maintained


Courtesy : Hushang Vakil

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