Zoroastrians in the California Gold rush of the 1860s

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Historical records indicate that the Zoroastrian presence in America dates back to the 1860s: during California’s Gold Rush, one of the prospectors was a Zoroastrian named Cawasji Zaveri; in 1865, New York’s Evening Post published a letter protesting slavery from a Zoroastrian named Dosabhai Faramji Cama. Other early Zoroastrians include Pestonji Framji Daver, a Parsi who came to San Francisco in 1892, and the first recorded Irani Zoroastrian, Rostam Kermani, who settled in the United States in 1926. It is believed that the first North American Zoroastrian Association was formed in 1929, when a group of seven Zoroastriansin the New York area gathered in one Phiroze Saklatwala’s living room on November 10, 1929.

Courtesy : Feroza Saran

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