Appeal from FEZANA Welfare Committee

Sent on behalf of FEZANA Welfare Committee

I am writing this from the Chicago area, it is cold here, let me rephrase that, it is very cold here and we have to turn up the internal thermostat of our heart to stay comfortable in our bodies.

When some in our community are going through a cold stage in life, we need to turn up our internal thermostat of our heart to try and help in whatever way we can.

We are working with two different families and we need your help so we can help them even more.

1. A young twenty five year old student who is from India had a brain aneurysm, his parents are here from India and are facing some serious concerns and decisions, FEZANA is taking care of their boarding-lodging needs. This is the worst possible scenario parents could imagine for their children.

2. A young single lady who is taking care of her elder parents, her Dad passed away recently after sickness and she is taking care of her mother and works twelve hours a day to make ends meet.

She had charged for her late Dad’s medication on her credit card and will never come out of debt paying twenty to twenty five percent interest on the credit cards.

The first situation we have to help in whatever capacity we can if we call ourselves a caring community.

The second situation we want to help as here is a lady who is working hard, living and showing the right values by taking the responsibility of taking care of her parents, and is going through a rough patch in her life.

FEZANA Welfare is working with them but we could do a lot more with your help and that is the reason for this appeal.

You can donate:

· Online at to the Welfare and Critical Assistance: Welfare Appeal – Feb 2014

· By check, made out to FEZANA with the memo: Welfare Appeal – Feb 2014. Checks to be mailed to:

Ratan Mistry, FEZANA Treasurer, 1258 Water Lily Way, San Jose, CA 95129

We are very grateful for your support in the past and we thank all our helpers who make our work so rewarding.

We wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day with all your loved ones.

Thank you.

Love and good thoughts,

Houtoxi, Freyaz, Hosi – FEZANA Welfare Committee

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