ZAGNY March Religious Lectures at Pamona, NY — First Sunday of March 2014

Stages of Religious Beliefs by Prof. Kaikhsrov D. Irani

Religious beliefs went thru stages of development s from ancient times to the present. The enlightenment vision clarified in 18th century was already initiated by the prophet Zarathustra and later expanded by Socrates.

Yasna Haptanghaiti by Dr. Pallan Icchaporia

While the YH is clearly non Gathic verse, it is equally clear not all like ordinary prose of Younger Avesta [e.g. the Videvdat] in style. We have no other non-syllable-counting texts, i.e. non-“metrical” in Iranian sense from Old Avestan period. But if the style of Younger Avesta is projected back into the older state of the language the difference in style from that of the Yasna Haptanghaiti is very pronounce.


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