Dr Zinobia Madan gains National Recognition for Achievements in Healthcare

1606455_277045805784469_1219039437_oDr Zinobia Madan is recently the recipient of “Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award for Innovations in Healthcare, 2014” & “Jewel of India Award for Landmark Contributions in Healthcare, 2014” at a function organized by The Indian Solidarity  Council  in  association  with  International  Institute  of  Education  & Management  in New Delhi on 1st February, 2014.
Among the dignitaries who presented the awards included Dr Bhisam Narayan Singh the former Governor of Tamilnadu & Ex Central Minister, Dr G V G Krishnamoorthy Former Election Commissioner of India, Mr O P Verma  Former Chief Justice and Former Governor of Punjab & Mr O P Saxena President  All India Lawyers Forum.
 “The Jewel of India Award” has been conferred on her for Landmark Contributions in Healthcarein the areas of  research,  guiding & executing  several clinical research projects, spearheading medical launches of several new  products including  Nutritionals,  Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnological, introducing the Lifestyle Medicine concept by counseling individuals through a Clinic approach  at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre and her own venture ClinOma Healthcare  & imparting knowledge to groups of individuals on advantages of healthy living and how it is achievable by right lifestyle practices.
“Rajiv Gandhi Award  for Excellence in Healthcare Innovation”
has been conferred in recognition of her innovative social & medical contributions to the Healthcare field.  By pioneering the Lifestyle Medicine concept she helps individuals understand lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, cancer and several others and provides individualized advise on how these diseases need intervention by diet, exercise, yoga and extended care approaches. While the patient is advised these approaches at the Lifestyle Clinic, they are also advised to continue the medicines prescribed by their physician / specialist. Such lifestyle approaches are aimed to improve the health of our population and also importantly reducing the economic burden by reducing or eliminating high treatment costs incurred by patients later.
DELHI AWARD FUNCTION_0001Dr Zinobia Madan initiated her research career way back in 1983, when she was one of the earliest Research Associates at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre. Her original cardiovascular research under the guidance of Dr G S Sainani, awarded her a PhD degree. Among the several research areas she investigated, the most exciting one was on a new drug from Upjohn (U63557A) which by her research demonstrated thromboxane synthetase inhibiting properties, and thus demonstrated potential in preventing restenosis in patients who had earlier heart attacks and patients who have undergone  coronary artery bypass surgery.
After qualifying as a doctorate from Jaslok Hospital, she spent almost 25 years in the Pharma industry where she contributed by conceptualizing new drugs, developing newer strategies for disease management by novel therapeutic approaches, conducting clinical research projects and launching new & innovative Pharmaceutical drugs, biotechnological products and nutritional products, when she headed big Research and Medical teams in leading multinational & Indian Pharma companies. Her last position in Pharma Industry was as Medical Director, Abbott Ltd, where her role involved heading the entire Medical functions of India team.
Currently, she is  Honorary Consultant – Lifestyle Medicine, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre & also Founder of  her own venture ClinOma Healthcare through which she promotes the keys to healthy living, emphasizing the  importance of  ‘Adding Years of Healthy Life. Additionally, she is also an Independent Adviser to Pharma & Healthcare Industry. She volunteers her time to guide people  how to renew eu card or how to fill the countless applications required for the care you need.
In last 4 years,  Dr Zinobia has been keenly involved in Parsi community work utilizing her Medical Writing skills for putting up favourable healthcare related proposals to Government bodies for seeking approvals and generating funds for running these Programmes. Recently, for one such Government of India funded Programmes for the Parsi community, “Jiyo Parsi,” announced by the Ministry of Minority Affairs (MOMA), she has played a key role in conceptualizing and launching this programme. This Programme is aimed to increase the Parsi population in numbers by correcting infertility due to the problem of no marriages  / late marriages / late conception which have been identified as the main reasons for dwindling numbers.
In her journey of success in healthcare areas, she feels that she has always lived her dreams by working in areas which interest her & most importantly enjoyed every bit of her work thoroughly.

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