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Coffee on canvas

Jimmy Engineer’s innovative collaboration makes coffee beans an integral part of inspiring paintings. 

Few people can resist the aroma of coffee beans as they’re ground to make our favourite espresso, cappuccino or latte. But there are times when even the best baristas might be unaware of other novel applications…

In Bangkok, 10 kilogrammes of coffee beans are integral elements in 14 wonderful paintings by the famed Pakistani-American artist Jimmy Engineer, part of a collaboration between Black Canyon Coffee and the Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Art. “The first time I visited Jimmy Engineer’s exhibition in Bangkok last year, I really admired his talent and painting skills,” said PravitChitnarapong, the founder and CEO of Black Canyon, which has more than 300 branches around the region.

“His expertise is not confined to one particular technique of drawing, but spans the spectrum using oils, spray paint and other mediums. After we met and discussed it, the idea of creating artworks from coffee beans emerged and has finally come to life as you all can see now.” 

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Courtesy : Dara Acidwalla

Norooz (Navroze) Timings



(Navroze Mubarak)

Har Ruzetan Nou Ruz !!

(Har roj Navroze Mubarak)

(Year of the Horse and Colour is White)

Timings as follows :-

Iran, Tehran – Thursday March 20, 2014, 20:27:07 PM

India, Mumbai – Thursday March 20, 2014, 22:27:07 PM (IST)

New Zealand, Auckland – Friday, March 21, 2014, 05:57:07 AM (NZDT)

Australia, Melbourne – Friday March 21, 2014, 03:57:07 AM (AST)

Canada, Toronto – Thursday March 20, 2014, 12:57:07 PM

Jamshedi Navroze Mubarak  (Nou Ruz Piruz !! – Har Ruzetan Nou Ruz !!).Ahura Mazda bless you all with …….

Joy (Majja masti), Good Health (Tandorosti), Wealth (Rojji barkat), Prosperity (Abaadi), Abiding Harmony (Hallih mallih neh sukkhi thi rehejoji) !! Amin !!………….. Amin !! ……………. Amin !!

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Mehernosh Boman Burjor Irani Educational Academy

Mehernosh Boman Burjor Irani Educational Academy, Vevji was built up in the Noshir Murzban Wadia Educational trust as a wish expressed by their late  son Noshir Murzban Wadia, but the NMWE Trust with the strength of 98 students was unable to run the Noshirvan school. It was then that a man of calm demeanour but a dynamic persona Mr. Boman Burjor Irani took up this noble task of educating the less fortunate children of the village in the year 1994.

The MBBI trust thus formed and the school was re christened as MBBI Educational Academy and Mehernosh Junior College of Commerce which was started at Vevji Nanapada next to Bank of Maharashtra in the year 1995 with. Mrs.Sharda Alwa as the Principal. The strength of students then was 233. She was succeeded by Mr. A. M. Joseph as the Principal in 2000 under whose able tenure a new edifice, our present campus was inaugurated on 1st June 2008 in Umbergoan – Talasari Road in Maharashtra.

It is to sheer result of relentless pursuit of dreams and keen entrepreneurial spirit that the management started the Junior College for Science in the year 2010 to have scientific temperament of interested students specially from the tribal and other backward and economically weaker section of people.

Our institutes claim to fame is the 100% result in H.S.C and S.S.C board examination. This inevitable result is due to the constant motivation and guidance of our principal support and co-operation of the parents to the unparalleled input provided by our teaching faculty for our focused and diligent student body year. It’s truly been 20 years of glorious existence in the sphere education.  

Chairman – Boman Burjor Irani’s Message

“The very existence of Mehernosh Boman Burjor Irani Educational Academy speaks the greatness of it as it has gloriously served 20 years in the field of education in Vevji. To achieve such a reputation it has undergone incredible struggle and hardship and that is what makes it acquire special identity, individuality and a sense of well being.

Quality education is considered as an integral part of human development. It is reflected in our school activities, be it academics, cultural, extra curricular activities or social service. The educational process becomes a systematic growth towards excellence only when we share ideas and translate them into initiatives and progress.

In order to meet all the educational needs we are equipped with adequate infrastructure and facilities. The beautiful ambience of the campus, the marvellously carved landscape, the spacious playgrounds, speak volumes about the school and the priority that we have set in providing a very conducive and favourable learning atmosphere. Of course, the credit can never be taken away from our effective and efficient principal and staff who are whole heartedly committed to their work and lead the students to be progressive and productive.

We humbly acknowledge the unseen power of God and late Mehernosh from heaven in all our activities and continue to seek His guidance and blessings in all our undertakings.”

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