Coffee on canvas

Jimmy Engineer’s innovative collaboration makes coffee beans an integral part of inspiring paintings. 

Few people can resist the aroma of coffee beans as they’re ground to make our favourite espresso, cappuccino or latte. But there are times when even the best baristas might be unaware of other novel applications…

In Bangkok, 10 kilogrammes of coffee beans are integral elements in 14 wonderful paintings by the famed Pakistani-American artist Jimmy Engineer, part of a collaboration between Black Canyon Coffee and the Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Art. “The first time I visited Jimmy Engineer’s exhibition in Bangkok last year, I really admired his talent and painting skills,” said PravitChitnarapong, the founder and CEO of Black Canyon, which has more than 300 branches around the region.

“His expertise is not confined to one particular technique of drawing, but spans the spectrum using oils, spray paint and other mediums. After we met and discussed it, the idea of creating artworks from coffee beans emerged and has finally come to life as you all can see now.” 

Click Here to read more and see some of his amazing work.

Courtesy : Dara Acidwalla

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