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The Holy Vendidad

by Mrs. Pervin J. Mistry

 The Holy Vendidad is the most important part of the Divinely Revealed Manthra contained in the Pak Avesta! Yet, due to unfamiliarity with the Avestan scriptures or sheer religious ignorance, many Parsis believe that the Holy Vendidad is not a part of the original revelation of Ahura Mazda through Asho Zarathushtra. Some even believe, albeit falsely, that the Vendidad is a “lowering of Zarathushtrian ideals” and therefore it cannot be viewed as “transcendental”!


………………….. Let us educate ourselves as to what the Din-Dasturs of Iran who were highly learned in our religion, reveal about the Holy Vendidad and that too, in the face of inhumane religious persecution which was still carried on when the Dinkard was written between the 9th and 11th centuries A.C. …………………………….


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Despite incentives, Parsi birth rate falls by 13%

The number of deaths has far exceeded the number of births in the community over the past decade. The birth-and-death ratio was nearly 1:3 in 2002 when there were 858 deaths in the community compared to 300 births. In 2007, the ratio was a staggering 1:5. The most number of deaths were in 2010 when 926 Parsis/Iranis passed away. In 2002, there were 300 births, the highest in the last decade. The least number of births (147) were in 2008.

Despite various programmes by the BPP, including in vitro fertilisation and priority over others in housing schemes if Parsis get married within the communtiy, the birth rate among Parsis continues to be abysmally low. The central government, too, recently sanctioned Rs10 crore for the community.

Year     Birth     Death
2009     182     846
2010     210     926
2011     195     786
2012     201     765
2013     174     735

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