JENESIS –Infinite options…

Please do have a look at this site

They offers everything from intricate invitation cards, mugs, t-shirts, scarfs, diaries, pens, trophies, stained glass artifacts, embroidery, packaging, Diwali gifting, Corporate gifting for all festivals and different occasions, Window displays for shops, Christmas decor, other decorations, Event / Theme parties, activity stalls & items, Games, Event planning, compering, Weddings, navjots, birthday / anniversary parties.

Ultimate entertainers are what they are in every function !!

Jennifer Dinshaw and Jarir Debara , the proud owners of JENESIS (a 7 year old company) are the people you need to get in touch with …
Trust me you can count on them !!

Please do keep this email in your records for future reference and also pass on this email to your friends, Companies , employers, parents and relatives and don’t forget to tell them to pass it on too…

Thanks and Regards,

Kashmira Contractor

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