“Chronicles of Zoroastrianism” at Allbless Baug


“Chronicles of Zoroastrianism”

Allbless Baug :

10th to 13th April, 2014

Participate  and  Join the FUN!


Formal Attire Competition

Friday 11th April 2014

(any formal attire – Indian or western)

  • Frohar Tot (Upto 7 years)
  • Frohar Prince & Princess (7 to 14 years)
  • Frohar King & Queen (14 plus years)


Frohar MasterChef

Saturday 12th April 2014 – 4.00 – 6.30 pm

Menu :   “Chicken or Mutton Red Curry-Chaval” and “Anything-par-Eedu”

Quantity :   For 2 persons (cooked from home and brought)

Garnish & Presentation :  At site (crockery, cutlery, serving dishes, tablecloth, table-decorations and accompaniments, microwave-friendly dishes for heating etc to be brought along).

Judging on : Taste, Ingredients, Presentation and overall appearance.


Frohar On-The-Spot MasterChef

Sunday 13th April 2014 – 4.00 – 6.30 pm

Menu :   “Anything with Chocolate”

Quantity :   For 2 persons (to b made on site)

We will be provide 250 gms of cooking chocolate

Additionally we will have ice, edible decorations and Marie Biscuits (if you wish to avail of the same).

There will be  microwave available for melting the chocolate.

Judging on : Taste and Presentation plate or container only (as you will be working on the same table space).


Frohar Antakshari

Saturday 12th April 2014

  • Four Teams of Three Members each


LAST DATE FOR ENTRIES :  Thursday, 10th April, 2014
For further details and entries please contact :

Bakhtawar : 98200 81983         Hutoxi: 98210 43319

 Exhibition Invite 


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