Cancer Detection Camp for Women

The camp will be conducted by Indian Cancer Society.

The package will include: Mammography, Routine Blood test of Hemoglobin & WBC count, Complete ENT Examination incl. Indirect Laryngoscope and comprehen. Gynecological examination along with Pap smear test by Gynecologist. 30 women above the age of 40 yrs. will be checked between 10 am & 2 pm.(All have to report latest by 1 pm. (FASTING NOT REQUIRED.)

(Highly subsidised) Charges will be Rs.500/- per person (which is less than 20% of normal charges). Zarthostis from any part of Mumbai who wish to take advantage of this facility may register their name with

Bahadur Avari (9820225313) or

Minoo Khan (9821332733).

Only 30 names will be registered on first come basis. For queries related to tests contact :

Ashok Chavan 9869221491

For any other details contact : Rusi Bhumgara (9819186687)

Jointly organised by W.Z.O., INDIA & Bharucha Baug Association On Sun. 13th April, 2014 at Bharucha Baug, Andheri.

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