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Unique opportunity to visit Tajikistan

Many of you have expressed an interest to visit Tajikistan,  the ancient homelands of the Zarathushtis. Here is  an opportunity to do so. The tour is highly recommended by people who took it in 2013.

Dolly Dastoor






Sogdiana and Bactria, ancient regions named in the Avesta, are partially located in Tajikistan and will be toured. Russian archaeologists have unearthed many sites associated with Zoroastrianism. The most famous of them are the “Oxus temple” at Takht-i Sangin in Bactria and the ancient settlement of Panjakent in Sogdiana. The famous Oxus Treasure (now in the British Museum) was found near Takhti Sangin, and Temple I in Panjakent displays a Zoroastrian connection and affiliation, including a fire sanctuary. Both tours will include these sites.

Tajik customs (especially among the people living in the mountains) retain elements going back to the Zoroastrian past. They have great reverence for fire and water, use bull’s urine for medical purposes, as well as the use for healing purposes of ephedra which they call  ‘hum’ – that is, haoma.

The Tajik language is an Iranian language, very close to Persian. Tajiks integrated into Classical Persian literary tradition so even a farmer can recite from memory verses of Khayyam, Hafez, Rudaki, Bidel and Firdausi. A group of villagers, called the Yagnobis, living in the Zerafshan valley, still speak the Sogdian language. A tour of a Yagnobi village is planned.

The tours will also include visits to Museums in Dushanbe, Khojand and other places where many articles of Zoroastrian heritage are on display. The National Museum has special sections on Zoroastrian culture from the Achaemenian and Sasanian periods.

For further information on both tours, visit:

and write to:

Mr. Shodmon Sanginov,  Haftkul Travel Co.

Dr. Pavel Lurje, Pasha




Business Contest @ Enterprise Dubai

Enterprise Dubai is a high level gathering of Businessmen, Professionals, Youth and Families offering an unrivalled platform to explore the business, leisure and pleasure opportunities that Dubai has to offer.
Come – share ideas, new concepts, exchange views, interact with ‘who’s who’ from the business and service industry, meet the world’s top elite speakers and be a part of a pivotal event.

See firsthand the world’s most modern urban landscape and experience the grandeur of Dubai, its traditional hospitality and the entrepreneurial spirit of the “City of the Future”.

Join the ever growing numbers as we converge into one.. “Enterprise Dubai 2014”, from 19th to 21st December 2014, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Shaikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

Enterprise Dubai: “Connecting the leaders of today with tomorrow”.

Enterprise Dubai is a global event. Be there!

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Pervin Todiwala – the First Lady of Britain’s Indian food scene

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…………………………   One woman I’ve always regarded with wonder is Pervin Todiwala, or, to afford her the full title she so fully affords, ‘Pervin Todiwala: Marketing Whiz, Charity Champion, Honorary Dame d’ Escoffier and TIAW 100 World of Difference Award-Winner’. Someone so humble would never introduce themselves with such fanfare; her lack of trumpet-blowing making it all the more imperative you understand that this lady is a legend. ………………………..


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8 Reasons to Date a Parsi Guy

An Article from ‘India Opines’

Apr 14, 2014

OK first off, a lot of people don’t know who or what a Parsi is – well it’s a small tribe of eccentric and  instantly recognisable people to be found in Mumbai, Pune and parts of Gujarat.  About half the roads in Mumbai seem to be named after this bunch of people who follow the Zoroastrian faith and have almost universally over-large noses. So as a Parsi myself (you happen to be reading the words of a person belonging to an endangered species, I’ll have you know) and being married to another of the same tribe for over 12 years, I would urge females of all hues, ages and body types to find a Parsi guy to date. Here are just some reasons a Parsi Guy makes a great boy friend.

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Adar Mahino Adar Roj

Celebrating the Atash nu Parab


Firoza Punthakey-Mistree


On Adar Ruz, Adar Mah, the Parsis of India celebrate the feast of Fire known as the Atash nu parab.  This feast is celebrated largely by the women in the family, who prepare the hearth fire for this festival by cleaning the kitchen and making purchases for the festival.  The preparation for this feast begins on the morning of Dae-pa Adar Ruz, Adar Mah, the day before Adar Ruz.

Preparations to be made :


1.         ¼ kg. of Mithai yellow pandas preferably or any other Indian sweetmeat or Halwa.

2.         3-4 fruits of the season specially a yellow mango

3.         a few flowers and a small bunch of 4-6 roses.

4.         Garlands – one for the ses and one for each stove.

5.         2 large garlands – one for the kitchen door and one for the front door

6.         Extra kum-kum – (vermilion powder) and haldi (turmeric) powder and a small bowl.

7.         Rose water.

8.         Prepare one Afarganyu (fire vase) with coal/sandalwood and loban.

9.         Prepare one ses with the soparo, gulabdan, kum-kum holder, a fish made of silver metal, a Divo, Rice, Sugar crystals, a green betel leaf with dried sticks of turmeric, dried dates, a betel nut and a coconut.

10.       A Coconut.

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The real significance of Rapithwin and second Havan



Roj Mahrespand Mah Avan, 1383 Yz.

The advent of Avan Mah is celebrated by many Parsees with great gusto as it means unlimited feasting on the great Parsi delicacy of Dal ni Poli. The number of Parsis who mark Avan Mah with the daily recitation of the Avan Yasht is, of course, much less. But those of us who observe the overall progress of the Zoroastrian calendar will be aware of another important event. All Parsi calendars remind their readers that from Roj Hormuz of Avan Mah, the second Gah of the day – normally Rapithwin, is not prayed and is instead substituted with what is called second Havan.


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Xtremely Young Zoroastrians (XYZ)

Xtremely Young Zoroastrians (XYZ) is a new venture initiated by a group of young enthusiastic individuals.

XYZ is introducing a never done before Summer Camp in Andheri, Bandra, Byculla and Colaba. This is a week long fun filled camp designed for kids between 5-15 years.

The camp will be held in Andheri (Salsette) & Bandra (Tata Blocks) from 11th May to 17th May 2014 and in Byculla (Rustom Baug) and Colaba (Cusrow Baug) from 18th May to 24th May 2014.

The camp includes sports, art & craft activities, games, quizzes, field trips, competitions, teachings on religion & much more.

The fees for the same is Rs. 1000 per child which includes lunch on 3 days, snacks on all days, transportation for competitions, social service, 4D movie, prizes and much more…

The camp is on first come first serve basis. (40 participants per venue).

For further details & registrations please call:

Hoshaang: 98206 83398
Bazyan: 9821349283
Meher: 9819081300 (Andheri)
Kashmira: 9819231825 (Bandra)
Roxane: 9821140697 (Byculla)
Jaszmine: 9821099824 (Colaba)

Do pass on the msg as well. Thanks. 🙂

Looking for Mahajabeen Irani

Hi, Am I glad to come across your site. I write in the hope that you may be able to help. I am here to find one of my best friend Mahajabeen Irani, she was staying somewhere behind the Parsi Dairy Farm Restaurant at Marine Lines. There is also a Parsi Colony I believe. . I lost in touch with her during 1990-1991. We became very good friend when she was working with YMCA International House Mumbai Central in early 1990’s and I was doing my HIMC from YMCA during those days. She might be now around 47-48 yrs. She was staying in Parsi colony at Dadar-Matunga Rd. I would be really grateful if someone would try to help me my best friend I ever had. my email id is

Best Regards,


A Canadian Parsi-Zoroastrian Atomic Scientist

‘Honouring and in Remembrance’ of my dear friend of 50 years – Late Ardeshir Rustom Dastur – A Canadian Parsi-Zoroastrian Atomic Scientist of repute; to make all Parsis’ World Wide proud about the international achievements – of one of our very own – in atomic science.
The write-up was compiled by his colleagues at Atomic Energy of Canada (AECL) in commemoration of Ardeshir’s contributions to the field of Atomic Energy.
with best regards,
Edul Kanga.


Ardeshir Rustom Dastur – Canadian Nuclear Physicist. (Nov. 2nd 1935 – Jan. 17, 2014)

Clipboard01Ardeshir Rustom Dastur passed away on Friday, January 17, 2014 after a valiant struggle following complications of strokes.

Ardeshir (known to everyone as Adi) was 78 years old was born in Mumbai India on November 2nd 1935, where he obtained BSc degree in 1955. Then he moved to Toronto and earned his BASc and MASc in 1958 and 1960 respectively, from the University of Toronto.

He Joined the Canadian Atomic Energy of Canada to begin his long and outstanding career in nuclear engineering until he retired in 1995 and continued as an Engineer Emeritus.

He earned many awards from the nuclear industry and other engineering organizations and societies in recognition of his many outstanding contributions, which are documented in over 100 journal publications and scientific reports.

He was the reactor physicist par excellence, at Sheridan Park, the one that everyone wanted to consult about every project. Adi had a very deep, instinctive understanding of all the subtleties of reactor physics. He was therefore always sought out for his insightful opinion on difficult questions.

Adi loved to apply his skills to improving reactor-physics methods. He was the developer of the CERBERUS computer code to stimulate for the first time at AECL spatial kinetics in 3 dimensions. CERBERUS is still – after all these years – the Standard Industry Tool for kinetics calculations.

Why did he call it CERBERUS? Well, of course, in reference to CERBERUS, the 3-headed dog guarding the gates of Hades in all 3 spatial directions.

Under Adi’s direction huge computer decks were prepared to run the first version of Cerberus on the old mainframe computers. Adi also developed the MULTICELL method to determine the incremental cross sections of reactivity devices. Adi would have had many opportunities, if he wanted to go into management. But he steadfastly insisted on remaining in the technical area.

Adi analysed the Chernobyl accident and published the shocking conclusion that the Chernobyl shutoff rods actually worsened the accident – instead of arresting or mitigating it – by inserting positive reactivity into the perturbed neutron flux during the accident!

Adi had a passion for forward-looking studies, with the help of the analysts in his section on improvements to the standard CANDU fuel cycle – from the use of enriched fuel to update reactor power to showing how CANDU can be used to achieve much more burn up from used LWR fuel, to simulating actinide burning in CANDU reactors.

Professionally he travelled widely, Japan, Korea, Russia, Chernobyl (Ukraine) and all European Universities and Institutions.

Adi was honoured with the prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award, which was presented to him by the Canadian Nuclear Society in 1994. He had many interests besides Physics. Together with Renate he loved theatre, opera, museums and travel. He also was an excellent cook.

He joined the Royal Conservatory of Music for piano lessons in the 90’s and became interested in building a Harpsichord. He finished the wooden case but a stroke hindered his progress to insert the strings attached to the key board. He was very approachable, carried an inviting pleasant smile. He was gentle, lovable, positive happy man. He will be sorely and dearly missed by all those who knew him particularly by many of his close friends and his beloved wife.

Khichri Saas


Unlike most Indian and Parsi curries that depend heavily on spices; the Parsi white curry ‘Saas’ (in my knowledge, Saas is a linguistic diversion of the word Sauce) boasts of only two spice elements: fresh green chili peppers and whole cumin seeds.

But the part that really makes this fish curry stand out from its curry-peers, is the use of an egg-sugar-vinegar mixture, added at the end of the cooking process, to create a curry emulsion with magical taste.

Often served at Parsi weddings and events, the Saas ni Macchi is also a popular home-cooked meal, generally accompanied by Basmati rice Khichri (recipe below,) which is Parsi cuisine’s take on the well-known Indian rice-n-lentil Khichdi.

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