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Mama Parsi still going strong

With 95 candles on cake, Mama Parsi still going strong

Mama Parsi Girl’s High School was decorated with garlands of marigold, rangoli and handmade posters to celebrate its 95th anniversary on Monday.

“It amazes me that the building looks exactly the same when we used to study here in 1990s and after all those years, just a sight of it evokes all those good memories,” said Amber Jamil, who arrived at the school to drop off her daughter. She recalled that grand celebrations were organised every five years.

Wearing red and blue caps, Parsi students and faculty members were joined by the principal Furengeez D Tampal at the school’s famous Pochaji hall for the jashan – a communal ceremony to commemorate auspicious occasions. Two priests performed the ceremony on a white sheet spread on the floor as they praised and thanked Ahura Mazda and prayed for the school’s prosperity. Following this, myriad fruits and traditional Parsi sweet dishes, Rava and Malida, were distributed among the students and faculty.

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The Story of Behram Yazad

The Real Story of Behram Yazadmushkel asaan GW237H332.jpg

Published on Oct 15, 2013

This is a real story which took place in Iran thousands of years ago…

This story positively changed and improved my and my families life both Spiritually and Personally.

I am sharing this video with a STRONG INTENT, that as it changed and improved my life, may it with Divine grace BRING a POSITIVE change in your life as well……

My heart felt gratitude to Google and You tube, as the images and background music used in narrating this story was freely downloaded from Google and You tube. Thanks to the artist who’s images and background music helped me in narrating this Divine story…

Share it with others who may need it the most! Share it with people who’s name or picture flashes in your mind while you watch this, don’t hesitate….

READ THE ENTIRE STORY…Don’t leave it half way

Love and Peace to everyone

Hormaz karanjia

Other links – the story in English –

Good Health without Medicine



A Full Day workshop by


D.Sc ( Honoris Causa ), MD ( Medicina Alternativa ),

D.N.Y.S. ( Delhi ), N.D. ( Mumbai )


ON 7th June 2014 Time: 10.00 am to 6 pm


Venue: Blavatsky Lodge 7

French Bridge

Opera House

Mumbai – 400 007


 Registration Fee: Rs. 100/- ( Rupees One Hundred Only )

To Register at:

Kerawalla & Co.,

Dhobi Talao

Behind Anjuman Atashbehram


Registration Dates: from 2nd June to 4th June from 11.00 – 8.00 pm


Courtesy : Marzban Giara


Beautiful Country of Iran

Beautiful country of Iran, its Nature and People


10-minute video of nature and people. It shows Beautiful Country, its people, mountains, oceans, waterfalls, and historic buildings of Iran. Iranian Students of Pennsylvania State University USA have produced this video. Background music is captivating. Buildings reminds Mughal architecture in India. If link does not open, please copy and paste it in address bar of your browser and press Enter key.

Courtesy : Cawas Pardiwalla

i-genius Scholarship Program

Max Life Insurance i-genius Scholarship Programme, one of the largest corporate scholarship programmes in India, is back with its 4th edition to recognize and reward all-round talent in children.  Scholarships worth Rs. 4 crore to be given ! Around 5,000 proud winners so far.

Open for students of Classes 3 to 8. >A child may register under a category on the basis of the class he/she was in, as on January 1, 2014.

Hurry! Registration closes on May 31st, 2014.


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Music, Talent and Cooking Competition !

Zoroastrian Asociation of Metropoitan Washington Inc

Calling all Musicians, Dancers, Singers, Comedians, Poets and Chefs, and seekers of a fun evening with good food!


and Potluck Dinner , SUNDAY,  June 1st,  2014

Where: Ashburton Elementary School, 6314 Lone Oak drive, North Bethesda, MD 20817

Time: 5:00 to 8:00 pm

MCs for the Evening: Fereydoon Keshavarz and Yasna Goshtasbi

Cooking Competition categories for 1) desserts, 2) main dishes, 3) salads, 4) h’orderves, and 5) side dishes.  A distinguished panel of 5 judges will select the winners in each category.

Cook your favorite dish for the competition and share it for the potluck dinner!

Due to limited time and limited size of the judges stomachs, each cooking category will be limited to five entries on a first come first entered basis.

Please send an email to akhademi ( @ ) if you plan to participate in the Music and Talent show no later than Wednesday Noon. Talents registered after Wednesday Noon will appear on stage if time permits.  The following people have signed up, to date.

Arzaan Bharucha, Trombone piece

Sanaya Bharucha, Trumpet piece

Yasna Goshtasbi, Piano piece

Athra Goshtasbi, Piano piece

Shawdi Keshavarz, Vocal performance

Darius Hormozdyaran

Yasna Khademian, Vocal Performance

Nush Gai, Clarinet piece

Meherzan Gai, Piano Piece


Frohar Films – Part -2 of “Meherangeez”.



Every 2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays of the month at 11.30 am.

Frohar Films – presents “ASHA VAHISHTA” -“SARVOTTAM SATYA” Sunday 25th May , 2014 Zee Jagran –Zee TV Network, at 11.30 a.m.

By Public Demand We present to you Part -2 of “Meherangeez”.

In this unique Episode we present you a play called Meherangeez (Part- 2). This play was first performed at the Zochilday in 2005. It was conceived, written & directed by Mrs. Mithoo Jimmy Jesia and presented by Mancherji Edulji Joshi Memorial Trust Dharmagyan Class, Dadar.

We have seen in our last episode [Meherangeez-Part 2] that fate changes Meherangeez’s happy & joyous life. This tragedy could befall any of us. Religion, faith and prayers invoke the elements of nature to come together to help & support us.

This episode revels how faith and prayers transforms misfortunate into happiness.

This Tele-Serial of Frohar Films is Designed and Directed by Ervad Dr. Cyrus Dastoor.

“Don’t miss this unique episode”.

Send your Suggestions and Contributions to

FROHAR FOUNDATION, P. O. Box – 4112, Mumbai – 400 007.

Email :,


When Russi Mody made for a three-credit course

When Russi Mody made for a three-credit course

Man of steel: The late Russi Mody could be direct, practical and, of course, hugely witty. His spontaneity, unique viewpoints and candour were hugely inspirational.
Man of steel: The late Russi Mody could be direct, practical and, of course, hugely witty. His spontaneity, unique viewpoints and candour were hugely inspirational.
Very rarely does one person offer such instructional and inspirational value to a bunch of students

 It is not very often in the life of management students that by virtue of where you study, what you study and when you study, a hugely eminent business personality around you becomes the subject of study!

For us at XLRI between 1982 and 1984, Russi Mody was almost like a core three credit course. Since Mody was the subject of our study, it neither needed to be taught by a professor nor did it necessitate our going to the library.

The fact that we were tucked away in a remote corner of the country like Jamshedpur and felt hugely disadvantaged compared to the TISS in Mumbai was more than compensated by the presence of Tata Steel and Russi Mody.

Russi would visit our campus unannounced and within minutes, like bees to honey all of us would gather at the small auditorium to listen to him.

He would be direct, practical and, of course, hugely witty. His spontaneity, unique viewpoints and the candour with which he spoke used to inspire us hugely. But this was just the lighter side of his personality. It was not until our first industrial visit that we realised the power and influence of Mody, who was the Director, Personnel, since 1953 and who eventually become Managing Director.

At a time in the nation when industrial unrest was quite high, the peace, productivity and community-based living and working at Tata Steel (then TISCO) was already a subject of several case studies. His transparent style of engaging with workmen in a darbar style, listening to their concerns and holding his managers accountable to resolve the genuine ones was already legendary. Employee relations was a very important part of our two-year programme and thanks to Mody, we were able to easily understand how the subject actually worked in reality.

Our visit to a village of Bihar as a part of our project to understand the realities of rural Bihar helped us witness another facet of Russi’s vision in action — the Tata Steel Rural Development Society — an initiative to improve the economic and social conditions of the villages. Those days it was not called CSR; it was just the TISCO way of doing things. In fact, Russi was upholding Jamshetji’s value of reaching out and building the society being the purpose of business.

Very rarely does one person offer such instructional and inspirational value to a bunch of students. We were so fortunate to be there to see the man and his huge body of work, live!

Ganesh Chella runs HR consultancy Totus and Senthil Kumar is with Gardener Consulting.

(This article was published on May 20, 2014)

In pictures: Ardeshir Cowasjee 1926-2012

One of Pakistan’s oldest and most renowned columnists, Ardeshir Cowasjee, passed away in Karachi last year, at the age of 86. Cowasjee’s weekly columns graced theDawn newspaper from 1988 to 2011.

“Now, old at 85, tired, and disillusioned with a country that just cannot pull itself together in any way and get on with life in this day and age, I have decided to call it a day,” he wrote in a column in December 2011 for Dawn. He went on to write two more columns that year before he finally put his pen to rest.

Here are some photographs, spanning over three decades, looking at the life of Ardehsir Cowasjee.

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