Wildlife venture

Wildlife venture

Wildlife venture – – Parsiana, 07-May-2014


A colorful calendar featuring wildlife at various sanctuaries in India hangs in the rooms of Delhi’s Mengusi Parsi Dharamshala, the handiwork of avid photographer and panthaky/manager of the Kaikhushru Pallonji Katrak Dar-e-Mehr, Ervad Cawas Bagli. Sponsored by philanthropist Dadi Balsara, formerly of Nagpur and Singapore and now based in Delhi, the 14-page, 12” x 15” calendar of which over 500 copies were printed on thick art paper, marks Bagli’s 10th anniversary as an amateur wildlife photographer. The months of January, May and August feature tigers, March and November elephants, April and October lions, while other wildlife grace the remaining months.



Ervad Cawas Bagli with pages from his calendar


The 47-year-old’s first such venture, Bagli travelled to Bombay to personally supervise the proofing and printing of the calendar at Mehernosh Pithawalla’s J. B. Enterprise in Parel. Pithawalla “used to come to the Dharamshala often” and therefore became the logical choice to print the calendar, stated Bagli.


He intends to bring out a calendar next year as well, “100%,” he asserts. He also hopes the calendar may interest other companies to use his photographs/services. The photos may be viewed on his website: forttiger.com


The moustached mobed visits sanctuaries anytime between the months of April to June “three to four times according to my budget,” he explains. The sanctuaries are mostly in North India but he is keen to visit the ones in the south as well. Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh is his favorite. His trips are also dependent on another priest being present to tend the fire in the Delhi Parsi Anjuman’s agiary. His wife Benaifer helps his mother Dhun run the well appointed and popular Dharamshala.


Courtesy : Dara Acidwalla

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