London “Aachoo Michoo” for Vada Dasturji & Hi Tea & Tea-Low !

117This was at the Z Centre yesterday, when we did ‘aachoo michoo’ to Udvada’s Vada Dasturji Khurshed Kaikobad Dastur.  Dasturji, amongst other speakers, spoke so well.  He took us on a journey of the Iranshah.  The number of times the fire was moved from one place to another with dates, until its present resting place in Udvada.  He also told us about the land controversies and how Narendra Modi intervened. After presentations, etc. bits of a video was shown when Narendra Modi visited Udvada and the praise he sang of the Parsees.  It was a very proud feeling, although I think he was canvassing for Parsi votes!  (I hope he wins) Nevertheless, the event was a tremendous success with finger food afterwards – Samosas, cutlets, variety of bhajias and cakes, sev, ravo, tea, coffee, etc. in abundance – like there was no tomorrow!!!

Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji

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  • Great photo. If there was no mention of London would thought it was in Mumbai somewhere.
    Good going with the lecture, along with the ‘naasto’….after all taking care of ………’sukailu garu and khali payt’ is another ‘must’ ritual.

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