Russi Mody passes away

Russi Mody, former chief of the erstwhile Tisco, former joint chairman of Air India and the erstwhile Indian Airlines, passed away at the age of 95. The end came at a private nursing home near his Alipore bungalow in Kolkata.

The man who was with Tata Steel for nearly four decades was credited with laying the foundation for what Tata Steel is today.

Essentially a people’s man, Russi Mody believed that Tisco should be engaged with much more than mere steel making and hence came the ad jingle ‘We also make steel.’

His departure from the company, however was less spectacular as he had to leave amidst differences of opinion with Ratan Tata and JRD Tata. However they made up a few years back and Mr. Mody said in a book “all was forgotten”.

His death has been mourned by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce which said that in his death India has lost a noted industrialist and a giant of a man whose human touch endeared him to many.

No Boss like Russi Mody: A Personal Tribute

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  • Dara Acidwalla

    *Ruh-e-Russibhai Sarosh Yazad Panah Bad*

    May the soul of Russibhai be under the protection of Sarosh Yazad.

    On Sat, May 17, 2014 at 3:31 PM, Parsis, Iranis, Zarathushtis – ALL Under

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