Third North American Mobeds Council Seminar held in Houston

The Zoroastrian Association of Houston Library Committee sponsored a day-long religion education seminar on February 15, 2014.  The third NAMC seminar, organized by the North American Mobeds Council, was attended by about ninety people who heard with great interest lectures presented by four eminent Zoroastrian Mobeds from the USA and Canada on a variety of interesting topics.

The session opened with NAMC Chair Kobad Zarolia requesting Mobeds to join with a prayer din-no Kalmo.

Here are the videos brought to you with special effort of the team :

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  • It is shameful to see a couple of young guys comming in knee lenght ‘cargo’ pants for this Mobed council seminar. This in itself is an insult to the meet. Will they dress this way for a wedding, for instance.
    Where as the thought is noble and great to keep the Zoroastrian Din going in NA some semblance of espect and discipline towards religious sentiments and its sanctity must be adhered to, or is it too difficult to do so? Have seen a lot of expats strolling into Atash Behrams in Mumbai dressed in a similar fashion,combining the sites,visits, and Atash Behram visits to fit their schedule.

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