Beautiful Country of Iran

Beautiful country of Iran, its Nature and People


10-minute video of nature and people. It shows Beautiful Country, its people, mountains, oceans, waterfalls, and historic buildings of Iran. Iranian Students of Pennsylvania State University USA have produced this video. Background music is captivating. Buildings reminds Mughal architecture in India. If link does not open, please copy and paste it in address bar of your browser and press Enter key.

Courtesy : Cawas Pardiwalla

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  • Yes beautiful scenes but that is all there is to it and it is bestowed by nature.
    My question to IS of Penn State—-do you plan to return to this so called beautiful country after your studies or will prefer to stay back in the USA.
    Beauty of a country is not in its scenes but in the true freedom and happiness it gives its people.
    Iran regrettably suppresses most of it. Just a few days ago some students made a video on Will Pharrell’s tune ‘Happy’ are now arrested for this. How beautiful is this country of yours that arrests its youngsters for expressing happiness because it is contrary to an archaic law? Wonder what will be done to them??? Lashings, imprisonment or both. Pathetic isn’t it?
    You forgot to mention that your beautiful country still stones its citizens to death, undertakes executions on an unprecedented scale & carries out lashings and amputations all in the name of ‘God’…
    It is on record that Iran’s rate of execution of its citizens is only second to that of China.
    This should also make you very proud & you must enlighten us about it as well.
    This is not to belittle you or hurt your feelings, actually I feel sorry for the people of Iran who are victim of their circumstances but then you have only yourselves to blame for the mess you are in.

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