Mama Parsi still going strong

With 95 candles on cake, Mama Parsi still going strong

Mama Parsi Girl’s High School was decorated with garlands of marigold, rangoli and handmade posters to celebrate its 95th anniversary on Monday.

“It amazes me that the building looks exactly the same when we used to study here in 1990s and after all those years, just a sight of it evokes all those good memories,” said Amber Jamil, who arrived at the school to drop off her daughter. She recalled that grand celebrations were organised every five years.

Wearing red and blue caps, Parsi students and faculty members were joined by the principal Furengeez D Tampal at the school’s famous Pochaji hall for the jashan – a communal ceremony to commemorate auspicious occasions. Two priests performed the ceremony on a white sheet spread on the floor as they praised and thanked Ahura Mazda and prayed for the school’s prosperity. Following this, myriad fruits and traditional Parsi sweet dishes, Rava and Malida, were distributed among the students and faculty.

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