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Saviour in various religions

Dr. Homi B. Dhalla, Religious Scholar, Zoroastrian Religion, Mumbai, presenting his Paper at the International Conference on “Saviour in various religions and their outlook about the future off the world” held on 15th June 2014 at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Hyderabad.

Bhakras are Parsi doughnuts !

Bhakras are Parsi doughnuts. A scrumptious tea time snack. Do try! This recipe was given by my aunt.


500 gms maida (super refined wheat flour)
250 gms fine semolina
375 gms sugar
4 eggs.
1 tsp vanilla essence
1tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
Oil to fry


Mix the maida flour and semolina. Divide this into 2 parts. To 1 part add sugar, eggs,vanilla essence and blend in a mixer. To the other part add half a teaspoon of baking powder and cardamom powder. Then pour the wet mixture into the dry flour and knead.The dough should not be soft. If it is too hard then put a little milk. Keep it covered overnight in a bowl

Next day, make big balls and roll them out like a chapati(Indian flat bread) neither very thin nor very thick. Cut into round shapes -neither too big nor too small. Deep fry in medium hot oil till they become golden brown. If oil is heated too much, lower the temperature or else the inside will not cook well.

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The Parsee Vegetarian and Temperance Society

If you are a Parsi vegetarian and / or know any, please share…


The Parsee Vegetarian and Temperance Society intends to compile a directory of vegetarian Parsi/Irani Zoroastrians.

We appeal to Zoroastrian vegetarians who would like their names to feature in the directory to send in their names, bio datas and addresses to:


The Parsee Vegetarian and Temperance Society,

30-B, R. P. I. House, 4th Floor,

Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort,

Bombay 400001;

tel: 022-22870795 ; email:



Trustee, The Parsee Vegetarian and Temperance Society