Mumbai’s famous Parsi chefs to cook for Delhi

Celebrities such as John Abraham and Bomani Irani (as well as several non-Parsi personages) swear by their patra ni machchi, their dhansak is considered among the best in Mumbai and, for the past seven years, they have been catering to the 120-year-old Ripon Club in Mumbai.

Tehtman and Shernaz Dumasia have certainly come a long way since setting up K Caterers in 1992. So when Executive Chef, Ravitej Nath of the Oberoi Gurgaon wanted to organise a Parsi food festival for the hotel’s specialty Indian restaurant Amaranta (on till June 22), he phoned Mumbai, prompting the Dumasias to come to the Capital for their first catering.

“I apprenticed in Parsi cuisine under my uncle, the legendary caterer, Minoo Bharucha, who encouraged me and Shernaz to branch out on our own. Shernaz learned Parsi cooking from her mother,” says Tehtman, who started out as a florist for weddings and other functions, something he still does at K Caterers, which takes care of all the minutiae of Parsi weddings, funerals and other functions. While they both cook, Shernaz prefers to stay in the kitchen while Tehtman, who is “more social”, steps out and interacts with guests.

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