Derinkuyu & Farohar

Re. your New Post – ‘Meaning of Farohar’ – I attach a paper I had e-published two years ago on the subject after receiving many e-mails from my e-friends about the History Channel video on:

‘Derinkuyu Underground City – is an ancient multilevel underground city in Derinkuyu district in Nevşehir Province, Turkey.’

It’s FYI since it is too long to publish in your regular Post (All Under One Roof).
I think that in this day & age of IT – Parsi YGen. should be enlightened with true historical facts of our history instead of just regurgitating old ‘Bap-Dada’ myths & beliefs of our Faith.
On page 8 of the paper I have posted my views as ‘End Notes’ for the reader to reflect & consider in this matter.
Please do forward it to the person or group that sent the pic. ‘The Meaning of Faravahar or The Holy Guardian Angel’ that was posted in your 21 June 2014 PIZ-AUOR.
Edul Kanga.


+Derinkuyu the Ancient Underground City – UTube video & comments




  • hi yezdi i was in turkey last month for an international conference,as you are aware. i was told my mahrukh, dasturji peshotan mirzas wife, that i must see derinyaku, as it is closely related to our religion,. sadly, its in cappadocia, in the eastern asian part of turkey, and i just could not make it.

    but i wanted to read the comments by opening the link given at the end of your post..its just not opening. could you pl check?

    thank you. arnavaz

    Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2014 16:02:56 +0000 To:

    • The attachment is a Word file download and is quite heavy. Please be patient, since it may take a while to download on a slow connection.

  • An amazing feat of construction for anytime leave alone thousands of years ago. Stupendous.

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