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Iran’s waning Zorastrian community celebrates its history

Iran’s waning Zorastrian community celebrates its history


The followers of one of the world’s oldest and most intriguing monotheistic religions gather at Chak Chak to remember princess Nikbanou.

At Chak Chak, some 600 kilometers (370 miles) southeast of the capital Tehran, believers gathered to remember Nikbanou, a heroine of the faith who according to tradition took shelter in the mountain and prayed for help. Miraculously, the mountain was said to have opened up and given protection to the princess, the youngest daughter of the last king of the Persian Sasanian Empire.

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To granny with love

To granny with love
Among the business community, industrialist Nadir Godrej is known as the man who speaks, writes and delivers speeches in verses. And encouraged by his niece Nisa, Godrej compiled a book of his selected speeches that was launched last Friday. The toast of the evening, however, was Godrej’s recitation of a poem in French called La Mort, which he had written when his grandmother, whom he was very close to, passed away.

Ban on Priests…The saga so far on wasteful expenditure.

Dear Fellow Zoroastrians,

My letter dated July 14, 2014 addressed to the Trustees of BPP, circulated widely on the net and in Parsi Times, commenting on their having expended so far, a few crores of rupees on litigation in the ‘Ban on Priests issue  to be wasteful expenditure has been responded to in Parsi Times issue dated July 26, 2014 by Mr. Khojeste Mistree & Mr. Yazdi Desai, two of the seven Trustees of BPP.

In response to their article published in Parsi Times issue dated July 26, 2014, I have sent a response to the publication. Mr. Jamsheed Kanga & Mr. Homi Khushrokhan have also sent a strongly worded rejoinder to the BPP. Hopefully our points of view should be published in the next issue of Parsi Times due on August 02, 2014.

I firmly believe that the expenditure is not only wasteful and uncalled for, but on going through the 2011 judgement of the Div. Bench of Bombay High Court it is clear that expending funds in the matter was not within the purview of the BPP Trustees. Should anyone be interested in reading the judgement (60 pages) I will be happy to mail them a soft copy.

It is time that the worldwide Zoroastrian community should be made aware of the reckless manner in which some Trustees of BPP are frittering away community funds not to serve the interests of the community but their own interests as self proclaimed defenders of the faith.

This message is being sent in BCC mode to Zoroastrians worldwide for their information; those concerned about the welfare of the community are requested to go through the communications exchanged and draw their own conclusions.

Please feel free to share the details of the message with others, including uploading on community websites.


Dinshaw K Tamboly

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All NA Zoroastrian Religious Tele-Class 17 – Sunday July 27th 2014 12 noon (New York Time)

Our Tele Class #17 was broadcasted from the new beautiful Dallas Dar-e-Meher on Sunday July 27th at 12 Noon NY Time (11 AM Dallas Time, 9 AM on the West Coast). This was the third Tele Class being broadcasted outside our Hira Villa home in University Park, Florida. 

A little background about this class:

Jo Ann and I were invited to perform a wedding in Dallas on Saturday July 26th 2014.

Taking advantage of this, Anahita Sidhwa, Poras Balsara, Keshvar Buhariwalla, and others thought it would be nice if I gave a presentation to ZANT next day Sunday July 27th on an interesting subject, may be one of our previous Tele Class. Instead, I suggested that why not we broadcast from ZANT Center our next Tele Class? This was accepted by all concerned in ZANT and so Tele Class #17 was broadcasted from Dallas Dar-e-Meher.

Attached please find the summary of our Sunday’s Tele Class #17 from Dallas Dar-e-Meher together with the web links for the 5 YouTube video segments.

One reminder again: Please suggest the subject(s) for our next Tele Classes! Thank you!


Love and Tandoorasti, Soli

=============== Tele Class #17 Summary===========

North American Zoroastrian Religious Tele Class #17  – Sunday July 27 2014 12 noon NY Time

Influence of Zoroastrian Religion on other World Religions

Ervad Soli P. Dastur

A Zoroastrian Religion Class was held by Telephone on July 27th 2014 by Jo Ann Dastur & Ervad Soli P. Dastur from Dallas Dar-e-Meher, Dallas, Texas.

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Gharab nu Achaar (FishRoe Pickle)

Gharab nu Achaar  (FishRoe Pickle)

My mom’s recipe –  simple but very  delicious

Ingredients :

1 Nice fat big gharab (Pair of 1 Big FishRoe)

½ cup Garlic sliced very fine

4 tabsp. Kashmiri Chilli Powder (or to taste)

3 tabsp.Roasted Cummin Powder

1 tsp. Turmeric Powder

2” piece of Cinnamon (or cinnamon powder)

Salt to taste

½ cup Sugar-Cane Vinegar (u may add little more if not strong)

¾  cup Oil


For Boiling

2  tsp oil

½  Haldi (turmeric)

5  cloves of garlic chopped

1 tsp vinegar

Little Salt


Very carefully Clean the Gharab  well, removing the blood from veins. Bring water to boil the water with oil,  turmeric, vinegar salt and cloves. Slip in Gharab and let it cook on a very slow flame on one side, turn on gently and cook the other side till nice and firm.  Remove from water and put it on a sieve to drain out the water. (Do not discard the water use to make your fish curry J) After it cools down a bit cut it into desired slices with sharp knife, you should always have a knife sharpener on hand and use it regularly between cuts.  You may if you wish,  fry each piece of Gharab and keep it aside, but this makes the Gharab little tough yet tasty.

Heat oil in a pan to smocking point, immediately lower the flame.  Stir in garlic (don’t let it brown) after a few seconds add Chilli, Turmeric and Cummin Powders stir.  Do not let the masala burn, pick up the pan away from fire and stir.  Put the pan back on slow flame and add salt, cinnamon and pieces of Gharab.  Once you add the Gharab continue to stir very gently on the slow flame till the liquid dries up.  Add vinegar and stir till bubbles form on top.  Remove from flame do not cover and let it cool to room temperature. Remove Cinamon. Store preferably in a glass jar.  If you need more masala you can increase the quantity proportionately.

If you want to store it outside the fridge then you may have to add more oil…..heat oil, cool and then add.

Enjoy a slice with every meal.

 Thrity Tantra


Just call for blood

Interview with Khushroo Poacha, Founder –

KHUSHROO POACHA, an office superintendent with the Indian railways, has kept his day job while running He’s an unlikely innovator with a mission: to prove that making a difference and sustaining an enterprise isn’t all about money. Though the initial phase of the enterprise brought him to the brink of financial crisis a few times, he tided over.

In India, because there are shortages, especially for rare blood types, patients are often asked to find their own blood. This isn’t easy for anyone. But it’s especially hard for those people who come from villages, far away from main centres, and don’t know how to get around.

Mr. Poacha is Ashoka changemaker and has delivered talk at TEDx Nagpur. He was also invited at the Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit 2008 held in South Korea.

Prashant Sinha, PGP candidate and member of Utthan – social sensitivity cell at IIM Indore UAE campus had candid discussion with Khushroo Poacha about his initiative.

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Short Note on the Gathas

Dr. Pallan Ichaporia

While in one Gathic passage ( Yasna 47.3)  Zarathustra refers to God as the “father” of the Holy Spirit, in another (Yasna 30.3) he describes the Holy and the Fiendish Spirits as “twins.” The conclusion that the Fiendish Spirit, too, was an emanation of Ahura Mazdah’s is unavoidable. But we need not go so far as to assume that Zarathustra imagined the Devil as having directly issued from God. Rather, since free will, too, is a basic tenet of Zarathustrianism, we may think
of the “childbirth” implied in the idea of twinship as having consisted in the emanation by God of undifferentiated “spirit,” which only at the emergence of free will split into two “twin” Spirits of opposite allegiance. Truth alone being, in addition to a primordial principle, also an aspect of Ahura Mazdah, the fact that the Fiendish Spirit had chosen Falsehood would all but obliterate his original connection with God.
It would follow that the names “Holy” and “Fiendish” of the two Spirits did not in the prophet’s view pre-exist the choice which they made, but accrued to either as a result of it.

Presentation on our Asho Zarathushtra’s Gathas

Dear Hamdins,
I am sending this advance mail  knowing you may be having relatives  and friends  in the USA and UK.
I am happy to advise that my offer to give a talk and presentation on Zarathushtra’s Gathas, has been welcomed by some Zoroastrian Associations in US and UK and a program has been worked out as follows:
23rd August in Pittsburgh –     Zoroastrian Association of Pennsylvania
29th August in Houston    –     Zoroastrian Association of Houston (Texas)
31st August in Dallas       –      Zoroastrian Association of North Texas
3rd  September in Boston  —   Zoroastrian  Association of Greater Boston Area
6th September  in Chicago –   Zoroastrian Association  of Chicago
14th September in London  –World  Zoroastrian Organisation
The synopsis of the presentation is attached for your information. Copy of my letter addressed to various associations is also attached to give you a total picture.
In case you happen to be in the above places on the dates indicated, you are most welcome.
In case you have friends and relatives staying in above places, feel free to forward this letter for their information.
I am making this trip at my own cost only as a service tour religion. I have no other motive.
with best wishes,
Kersee Kabraji
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