Master Touch of Imperfection

Well-known Puducherry-based artist and studio potter Adil Writer is a self-confessed “rule breaker”. He recoils at the idea of teaching ceramic making, but is happy to leave his doors open to those who have a flair for the medium. Apart from the motley collection of ceramic tableware, murals and architectural installations that embellish the nook and cranny of Mandala pottery in Auroville, where he lives, Adil is building a collection of works made by his visitors.

He lets his visitors experience the tactile feel of clay on hands. He says, “I want my visitors to hold the clay, feel it, mould it and leave their finger imprints on it. It’s building up into an incredible collection of sculptural pieces made by friends and strangers. Who knows, this very moment may change one of their lives as it has changed mine.” His recent works include the Barcodes and Premonition series, where he takes the canvas off the wall and makes it into a sculptural object. Adil’s diverse and intriguing range of ceramic books were recently shown at the Secrets & Lies solo shows in Japan and Mumbai’s Gallery Art & Soul.

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