Centre Commited to Protect Parsi Heritage and Community: Dr.Najma Heptulla

Report by India Education bureau, New Delhi: Dr. Najma Heptulla, the Union Minister of Minority Affairs held a meeting with the eminent members of Parsi/Zoroastrian community here last evening.
Appreciating the spirit and contribution of the Parsis, the Dr. Najma reiterated Government’s commitment for protection and preservation of India’s uniqueness and strength nurtured by its diversity.She expressed her concern over the declining population of the Parsi community and asked members of Parsi Community to come forward to avail benefits of Jiyo Parsi initiative and benefits under various educational, skill development and infrastructure development programmes of the Ministry.
Interacting with the Minister, members of the Parsi community drew attention of the minister to the problems being faced by the community. A number of issues raised included encroachment on both Parsi’s community and individual properties, economic and educational decline besides declining population and aging community. They sought government cooperation in developing their sacred place .


  • tell me some thing new what will change ?? the Parsis are dying out because of Tireless Hostile factors , right from an indifferent lip service BPP trustees to others who should be prosecuted for betraying thier community , has any one spoken up about who Parsi Business men are being harassed in Various parts of India even new Mumbai ?? , some times i really wonder is parsi population decline in direct Proportion to Un feeling insensitive Morons in Power

    • Agree with you. The schemes suggested by the Govt. is only lip service. It will not even scratch the real problems faced by the community. From self serving BPP trustees and other trustees of other trusts to top industrialists who turn a blind to blatant discriminations carried against their Parsi brethern by fanatics belonging to the majority community. To mass indifference rich Parsis to sufferings of the middle class of Parsis. The real story of decline of Parsis is total lack of community feelings of oneness which is there in other communities.

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